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Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societies

Clubs and societies are a great way to meet new friends, connect with like-minded people and experience university life.

They cover every social, religious, sporting, political and cultural interest you can think of, so there’s bound to be something for you. If not, you can always start your own!


Vovinam has become the part of physical education at FPT. On 18th November 2018, with the performance of 7,000 students, FPT Education Organization – FPT Education officially broke the Vienamese record: Vietnam’s largest martial arts performance (Vovinam). 

Swinburne Vietnam is a part of FPT Education and we also chooses Vovinam to be the official sport for all students at Swinburne. We believe that practicing the martial arts helps students to be healthier, more confident and open-minded.

Photography club

Coming to Photography club, you participate not only in the playground for photography lovers, but also a community to live, practice and perform together to go through the journeys.

The Swinburne Photography Club is just like the name, where you share your passion of photographing to others and vice versa, and where you learn more about techniques and perspectives. We organize workshops to train our members in basic and advanced photography skills and arrange indoor and outdoor shooting experiences for members to show their creativity.

Dance fitness club

Dance is one of human instincts, today dance is not only used as an entertainment method but also supports weight loss with an effective calorie burning effect. Special dance also has a strong effect on strong heart health, flexibility of joints, and helps you get slim shape. Today, dance is the best choice for those who want to combine sports practice to own slim shape and relieve the pressure of study.

Swinburne Vietnam supports the operation of dance club. The university spends the top floor for dance club to perform and practice with very modern facilities. Student can participate after studying hours to relax and to communicate.

Basketball club

Swinburne Basketball Club generate a healthy community for students to improve their basketball skills, create social activities and connecting students who desires to play basketball together. We welcome newbies at any levels, as long as you share the passion of playing basketball with us. It would be great if Swinburne Basketball club can compete in both internal and external tournaments.