Swinburne Vietnam staff

We have consulting and support teams where students can ask and seek for information about curriculum, student services, and entry requirements.

Academic Department

Dr. Truong Cong Duan – Academic Director, Hanoi campus

Tel: 090 492 9619

Email: duantc@fe.edu.vn

Mr. Nguyen Duy Truong – Academic Director, HCMC campus

Tel: 0988 725 895

Email: TDuy@swin.edu.au

StudentHQ Teams

Dr. Marisha McAuliffe, Director of StudentHQ

Tel: 0762 289 664

Email: marishamcauliffe@gmail.com

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dao – Administration

Tel: 032 9984 172

Email: daont9@fe.edu.vn

Ms. Olga Oshkina

Email: studenthq@fe.edu.vn

Admission and Academic Consultant Teams

Mr. Lai Hong Anh – Director of Admission & Academic Consultant

Tel: 097 552 4829

Email: anhlh12@fe.edu.vn

Ms. Tran Thi Le Thuy

Tel: 093 888 6528

Email: thuyttl7@fe.edu.vn