Transfer to Australia


  1. Are there any prerequisites to complete prior to transferring? Read more
  2. Are there credit points to be completed prior to transfer? Read more
  3. What semester can I enter into when transferring? Read more
  4. Do previous unit fails affect my transfer? Read more
  5. Who does my program of study and how long will it take before I get answers for how long my studies will be in AU? Read more
  6. What will be a full-time study load in Australia? Read more
  7. How long does the assessment take for the academic credit transfer? Read more
  8. How early do I need to inform SVN that I’m interested in going abroad? One semester? One year? Read more
  9. When do I need to give my firm commitment? Can I change my mind? If I do, how much notice do I need to give? Read more
  10. Will my Swinburne Vietnam scholarship be affected if I go abroad? Does it transfer to a SUT scholarship? Read more
  11. Can I go immediately to SUT after getting into SVN? Read more
  12. Do I need a letter from SVN to give to my lecturer/ placement in Australia? Will I be allowed to work on my student visa? Read more
  13. Is this transfer information just for Hawthorn, or can I go to other SUT locations around the world? Read more
  14. What if I apply to go to Hawthorn but then change my mind to go to another SUT campus; will the academic program of study be different? Read more
  15. There are 3 semesters in SVN academic year, while SUT Australia only offers 2 semesters per year. How will I be able to catch up between semesters during the transferring process? Read more
  16. Is there an OJT / work placement in SUT Australia program? Read more
  1. What are the costs associated with transferring to SUT? Read more
  2. Is there any transfer of fees if I’ve paid a full year in advance but transfer before the end of the year? Read more
  3. Where can I find more information about fee structure in SUT Australia? Read more
  4. Am I allowed to begin my transfer process if I have outstanding fees due at Swinburne Vietnam? Read more

Application Process:

  1. How do I start the process of application? Read more
  2. What do I need to do to check my eligibility? Read more
  3. How long will my application take? Read more
  4. If my application gets rejected, will I get feedback and can I apply again later? Read more
  5. If I’m a student at Swinburne Vietnam already, why will I be sent a new Offer Letter from SUT? Read more
  6. What is the process to transfer at Swinburne Vietnam? Read more

General information about SUT and other SUT Services

  1. Where can I get more information at SUT? Read more  Please visit Swinburne Australia website for information that you need 
  • What will change for me in becoming an ONSHORE international student? Will much change for what SUT offer for offshore international students? Read more
  • Will I get a scholarship? Where do I find information about scholarships? Read more               
  • What SUT campuses can the students go to? Read more
  • Will there be an airport greeting and guidance for accommodation? Read more
  • Is there an induction for international students in Hawthorn? Is there any special support? Read more
  • Other information:

    1. Is there a requirement for medical insurance in Australia? Read more
    2. Can I return to Vietnam to graduate with my friends? Read more
    3. If the Australian semester doesn’t finish until late November, will I have to wait a full year to attend the graduation ceremony in Vietnam? Read more
    4. Will I need extra documentation for rental agreements and employment? Read more
    5. Who can provide help with my visa? Read more
    6. I need more information on accommodation in Australia Read more