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Advanced Web Development (Phát triển web nâng cao)


COS30020      |        Credit Points: 12.5       |       Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Duration                                             Contact hours

One Semester or equivalent               36 hours


One of:  COS10005 Web Development or COS10011 Creating Web Applications



Aims and Objectives

This unit is designed to introduce a variety of technologies and techniques typically used in development of contemporary web-based systems, and to enable students to achieve a level of fluency in using these in a thoughtful and considered manner. Two web programming techniques will be introduced. The first is to use web-based embedded scripting language (PHP) on a web server (Apache) and a server-side database (MySQL), and the second is to use Ajax to manage asynchronous client-server communication and XML/JSON as data exchange languages.
Students who successfully complete this unit, will be able to:
  1. Describe, identify and debug issues related to the development of web applications
  2. Design and develop interactive web applications using embedded server-side scripting language PHP
  3. Use MySQL for data management and manipulate MySQL with PHP
  4. Use client-side dynamic scripting language JavaScript and server-side scripting language PHP
  5. Apply design patterns for developing web applications

General Skills Outcome

During this unit students will receive feedback on the following key generic skills:

  • Server-side scripting language PHP: variables, data types, operations, strings, functions, control statements, arrays, files and directory access, maintaining state
  • Web programming approach by using embedded PHP
  • Access and manipulation of MySQL
  • DOM and CSS used in JavaScript
  • Design patterns used in web applications