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Nghiên cứu Cách thức Vận hành Mạng xã hội (Social Media)


MDA30012      |       12.5 Credit Points       |       Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Duration                                                  Contact hours

1 Semester/Teaching period                    36 hours




Successful completion of five units (62.5 credit points) in the relevant major.

Aims and Objectives

Social media platforms have come to define innovation and change in media and communication practice. They have embedded multidirectional and participatory practices into our media environments. This has implications for many areas of social life and affects the kinds of ‘publics’ that might form out of networked communication. Social media, for instance, changes the ways commercial enterprise communicates with and develops a customer base, the way emergency services communicate with people during times of crisis, how people come together to protest or celebrate, how health and education are experienced, and how public events unfold. Researching Social Media Publics introduces research methodologies and technical tools for analyzing such sites of social media practice, and works as a capstone unit for the Social Media Major

After successfully completing this unit, students will be able to:
1. Critically analyse current methodologies for researching social media technologies, practices and processes
2. Define, describe and analyse core concepts, theories and issues facing the emergence of social media technologies and platforms and their implications for society
3. Prepare and deliver an oral presentation that evaluates current research into one area of social media practice addressed within the unit
4. Plan and undertake research into a significant issue concerning a site of social media use and practice

General Skills Outcome

– Fundamental Skills
– People Skills
– Thinking Skills
– Personal Skills
– Literacy (including reading and writing)
– Communication (including speaking and listening)
– Discipline Vocabulary and Expression