Client Liaison and Support

The Client Liaison and Support (CLS) team is a department that handles all issues and inquiries from students at StudentHQ. The StudentHQ student service is the focal point for helping students address queries and common issues encountered during their studies at Swinburne Vietnam. Right after students enroll at Swinburne Vietnam, StudentHQ is dedicated to supporting them in adjusting to new life and accompanying them through their academic journey.

The StudentHQ office is located on the first floor, with staff members from the Client Liaison team available at the reception area on the first floor to provide the quickest possible support to students.


Support Services for Students at Swinburne Vietnam:

The StudentHQ Student Services department is responsible for addressing issues, providing comprehensive support, and offering detailed guidance to all students in the following activities:

Assisting with documentation, student cards, receiving and processing enrollment applications Updating student profiles Assisting with queries regarding bus ticketing, insurance, and uniforms Club registrations. Detailed student information can be found here Booking classrooms and educational facilities Payment of enrollment and semester fees Assisting with any academic challenges students may face in their lives Providing counseling for mental health and well-being Addressing other needs and desires of students For prompt assistance, students can contact StudentHQ using the following information:

Student HQ – Level 1, Swinburne Vietnam, 2 Duong Khue, Cau Giay, Hanoi


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Student Services