Steps to enrollment

Applicants can choose to enroll in 1 of 3 intakes per annum: January, May, and August.

Step 1: Register for admission

Applicants fill out the admission registration form and the application material including:

  • Most recent high school GPA
  • Certificates related to personal and academic competencies, such as foreign languages and extra-curricular activities.
  • Applicants who meet the application requirements will be invited to take the entrance exam and participate in an interview with officials.
  • Accepted applicants will receive an official offer letter that states their scholarship level.

Step 2: Submit application form with supporting documents

Accepted applicants who agree to enrol will pay an admission fee to secure their place.

Completing the application and admission procedures, including providing the necessary documents before the enrolment date:

  1. Admission application form
  2. Certified copy of ID card/ID card
  3. 3×4 Profile photo
  4. Certificate of English proficiency (If any)

5a. Students completing Year 12 in Vietnam

  • Certificate of National High School Examination Results or Temporary Graduation Certificate
  • Copy of high school transcripts (Year 10 – 12)

5b. Students with other qualifications

  • Latest completed qualification academic transcripts
  • Completion certificate
  • Course syllabus with detailed unit outlines if seeking exemptions

Step 3: Accepting your offer

Once you have read through your offer letter correctly, make sure that there are no conditions attached to your offer letter. If there are any conditions, you are required to satisfy the conditions before you can accept your offer letter.

If you have received a full offer letter with no conditions, please sign the offer letter and send it back to Swinburne Vietnam for processing. Remember to take note of your Swinburne ID.

Step 4: Enrol

Applicants who are admitted will receive information on how you can log into your student account, and you will be able to begin enrolling into units. Please refer to your Swinburne Vietnam Student Handbook for more information. You will also be able to participate in:

  • Participate in the Orientation & Opening Week (O&O Week)
  • Apply for course/major admission if you meet the English language requirements.