Academic Support

Studying in international programs at Swinburne University requires various skills. As a result, many students may encounter certain difficulties during their academic journey. Therefore, Swinburne provides academic support services for students.

Common challenges often include:

  • Enhancing English language proficiency to meet academic program requirements.
  • Academic integrity requirements related to referencing and citation regulations.
  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.
  • Research skills, document reading, synthesis, and information search abilities.
  • Essay and academic assignment writing skills.
  • Time management skills and meeting assignment deadlines.
  • Document reading skills and utilizing electronic library resources.
  • Group study skills, solving complex problems, and collaborating on projects.
  • Stress management, improving concentration, optimizing self-learning for joyful and effective studying.
  • Other skills related to learning: video production, presentations, customer surveys, and relationship development.

Forms of academic support for students:

The Global Citizen program provides fundamental skills necessary for international program studies. In addition, Swinburne students are supported individually through the following means:

  • English Program 1-1 Tutors: Arranging one-on-one tutors for students in need of English language support.
  • Academic Writing and Reference.
  • Course and Major Units 1-1 Tutoring with Academic Lecturers: One-on-one guidance and training with lecturers when students don’t understand course content.
  • Knight Tutors: Student “knights” from higher cohorts can assist lower cohort students in understanding and completing assignments.

Students can find additional guidance here.

For the quickest support, students can contact the following information:

Student HQ – Level 1, Swinburne Vietnam, 2 Duong Khue, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Hotline: 1900 6412


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