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Media and Communication

The Bachelor of Media and Communication focuses on developing key skills in professional communication and media content creation.


Swinburne’s strong industry connections ensure this course links theoretical knowledge with practical, experiential learning relevant to growing areas of employment.


Information on majors:

Student Work


Students can choose among three majors including public relations, advertising, and social media. They will gain a comprehensive understanding of social media platforms within social, cultural and industry contexts.


We offer them opportunities to develop highly sought-after skills in digital advertising and digital marketing and become an expert in the rapidly growing areas of digital analytics, search marketing, social media marketing and video marketing.


Last but not least, the students can understand how to influence and manage the public perception of an organization. Along with writing skills and event management, you will develop an understanding of new media, digital marketing and crisis communication. This degree is professionally accredited by the Public Relations Institute of Australia.



“To be honest, I only chose Swinburne Vietnam after my plan to study in Australia got cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic. But now Swinburne Vietnam has become one of the most important things in my life thanks to the people here. From students to staff, everyone makes me love this program more than ever. There were so many challenges at Swinburne that many times I felt like I was almost drowned in deadlines. But all my friends and lecturers here…

Hoa Pham - Media & Communications Student