Vision and Mission


We are the trusted partner with parents, fostering a supportive and enriching educational experience to ensure the success and wellbeing of each student as they embark on their global journey.


We provide exceptional service and care to parents through open communication, personalised support, empowerment, resource accessibility, cultural sensitivity, continuous improvement, and advocacy.

Connect Privileges

Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program greatly appreciate the support and commitment of our esteemed parents towards our international education system. With our top priority being wholeheartedly delivering values and creating exceptional support for the success and wellbeing development of our students, we take pride in providing the following rights to our valued parents:

  1. Establishing a regular and timely communication channel with Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program through Parent Portal platform.
  2. Receiving updates and notifications via Parent Portal platform.
  3. Being cordially invited to attend Parent Orientation when students embark their studies at Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program.
  4. Accompanying Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program on significant occasions and large-scale events, including Conception Day, Graduation Ceremony, Festivals, and Academic competitions, among others.

Parent Portal – Parent Connect

Parent Portal serves as a “one-stop information hub” designed to assist valued parents in accessing information about our students’ educational journey, news, activities, and notifications from Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program.

Instructions for accessing Parent Portal:

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Select the Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program campus of your choice
  3. Log in using your student ID and password

1. Procedures and Policies

Parent Portal is an information gateway that connects parents and Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program by providing comprehensive information about students’ academic and personal lives. All information provided to parents requires the consent of the individual student.

2. Support Services

Parents are encouraged to familiarise with fundamental support services including enrollments, admissions, registration, financial payment, residential centre, student life and activities, club community, wellbeing counseling, career advising, international student support and student mobility. This insight assists parents to guide students to access the right support when needed.

3. Important Deadlines

Parents are advised to stay informed about important deadlines, such as registration, tuition payments, census dates and insurance deadlines.

4. Academic and Event Calendar

Parents should stay updated with the academic calendar which provides essential dates for the entire academic year, ensuring students do not miss any critical schedules, especially examinations. Additionally, parents can explore the social event calendar to discover SVAP cultural, social, and academic events and encourage students to participate, as these activities enhance their overall university experience.

5. Scope of Services

Parents are informed SVAP’s range of services including both the possibilities and limitations of SVAP support, in order to foster a strong sense of collaboration. SVAP’s ultimate goal is to guarantee a seamless blend of customer satisfaction but also strict compliance to its policies and guidelines.

Access Parent Portal

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