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Discover your opportunities at Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program enables you to apply your knowledge and skills. This will be a place where your work can impact the national economy and the prosperity of society. We promote diversity, support career development, provide flexibility and provide competitive salary/subsidy packages. Apply for a job and join us – an organisation with people who are passionate about their work and always ready to contribute to education.

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Your working skills will help Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program provide quality career-oriented teaching and research. Find and apply for work at Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program across a wide range of roles and sectors. Job opportunities include:

  • Business lecturers and advisors (Full-time and Part-time)
  • Lecturer and information technology advisor (Full-time and Part-time)


Lecturers teach subject groups: Software Technology and System Administration (Information Technology); Business Administration, International Business and Marketing (Business)

Working location: No. 02 Duong Khue, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Candidate: Lecturer and researcher

a. Job description:

Perform the tasks of the lecturer, especially with teaching tasks: Perform up to 100%, at least 50% of the prescribed teaching norms (270 hours).

Perform scientific research tasks or science and technology projects: In addition to classroom teaching time, lecturers and researchers will work during office hours or according to the time of the scientific research tasks and science & technology projects at all levels.

b. Position, criteria, and recruitment conditions:

Application documents:

  • Job application (handwritten version on 1 page A4 size)
  • Summary of the learning process, work experience
  • The resume with a 4×6 cm photo is confirmed by the local government or the current working place (up to 6 months before the time of application submission)
  • Health certificate of the general hospital according to regulations
  • Copy (notarized or certified): ID card, birth certificate, household registration, diplomas, certificates, transcripts of all levels from the university level (in case the training diploma issued by a foreign institution must be notarized and translated into Vietnamese)
  • Scientific background (if any)
  • Evidence of teaching research and other scientific research (if any)
  • Documents (copy) related to standards and priority conditions for recruitment (if any)

* Note: Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program will not return the application if the candidate is not admitted.

Time and form of recruitment (2 rounds):

Round 1: Consider the application based on: qualifications, academic/research results/achievements, accumulated experience of candidates, and compliance with majors and training;

Round 2: Candidates with eligible documents will be invited to participate in the test and examination round including interview, professional competency assessment, foreign language, pedagogical ability, and trial lecture.

Time, place, and form of application:

Submission form: directly (during office hours) or sent by Post. For overseas candidates, you can submit a scanned copy of your application via the email address:

Receiving address: Administrative Organization Department, No. 02, Duong Khue, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Why choose Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program?

Join our community with people dedicated to their careers at Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program. We offer job opportunities for lecturers with academic and practical experience. As a multidisciplinary provider, there will be many opportunities for you to work here in a higher education environment. We also provide jobs in marketing and communication, customer service, information technology, finance, human resources, and administration.

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