Student clubs

Student organisations and clubs are an integral part of the university experience as they provide connection, joy, and space to express passion and creativity. Each organisation has its own unique offerings, rules of operation, and schedule of activities. You will find something that fits your interests on the list below, and if not, you can always start a new one.

“The one thing that can solve most of our problem is dancing” – James Brown

Arts and Culture

  • Click&Click Photography Club
  • Soundwave – Swinburne Music Club:
  • Chromatique Photography Club
  • Swizic – Swinburne Music Club
  • Groovey – Swinburne Dance Club

Sports & Recreation

  • Razorbacks – Swinburne Basketball Team – Razorbacks Basketball Club
  • Swinburne Vovinam
  • Swinburne Football Club
  • Chess – Swinburne Chess Club
  • Football – Swinburne Football Club
  • Boards – Swinburne Boards Game Club

Event & Volunteering

  • SEC – Swinburne Event Club
  • Utopia – Swinburne Social Club
  • Sweet – Swinburne Event Club

Academics & Self-development

  • Signal Media Club
  • SDS – Swinburne Debate Society
  • ADC – Swinburne Debate Club
  • SUS – Swinburne Business Club
  • Swin Station – Swinburne Media Club
  • VOPA – Swinburne LGBTIQ Club