Why choose Swinburne Vietnam?

We think studying at Swinburne Vietnam offers one of the best university experiences. Think we are biased? Maybe, but let us tell you why.

1. International degree from a prestigious university

Upon graduation, graduates will receive Bachelor’s degrees awarded by Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, which complies with the Australian Government’s Higher Education regulations and is recognized by the Vietnamese Government.

2. A world-class education with reasonable costs in Vietnam

A reasonable tuition fee makes quality, international education more accessible to students in Vietnam and ASEAN. Eligible applicants have the opportunity to receive scholarships to help fund their education.

3. A pioneering mindset to seize global career development opportunities

Students are trained to adapt to the various opportunities of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. The learning process goes hand in hand with practical applications from Swinburne Vietnam’s partnership and network with leading organizations in Vietnam and around the world.

4. The international environment nurtures the capabilities of a global citizen

Swinburne offers students the ability to study, live and work in a global environment. Students will improve their English capacity and skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, debate, research, self-study, self-leadership,… These are indispensable skills of a global citizen.

5. Open career opportunities thanks to practical experience

With up-to-date knowledge and skills and outstanding ability to use English, students will have open career opportunities with high incomes. Students get practical experiences throughout their learning journey through each project in their coursework and during their on-the-job training time.

6. An exciting and happy student life

Learning should always be associated with a rich and happy student life. Swinburne customises the learning experience for each individual to help students reach their full potential.