Industry Integration

With the vision of bringing people and technology together to build a better world, the Swinburne community are driven by a shared sense of purpose to create the technology of the future and nurture human talent and abilities required for a digital, tech-rich future.

We are committed to taking big strides and aspirations for ‘moon shots’ rather than ‘incremental steps’. Our moon shots will embolden and energise our staff, students and partners, enabling us to focus and invest in what we know can make real differences in the world.

Underpinning the strategy are four ambitious ‘moon shots’ that will enable Swinburne to focus and invest in areas that will make a real difference in the world.

Moon shot 1: Every Swinburne learner gets work experience.

Moon shot 2: Every Swinburne graduate gets a job.

Moon shot 3: Every Swinburne partner gets a tech solution.

Moon shot 4: Swinburne is the prototype of global best practice.

From 2021 until now, Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program has embedded industry-linked projects into our degrees so you get to explore your industry through practical experiences.

There are six types of industry-linked projects:

  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Industry projects
  • Internship
  • Industry research
  • Field trips
  • Industry Mentoring

1. Collaboration and Partnerships

Renowned for our excellence in applied research and a culture of creativity, we at FPT have established a strong track record of innovation through collaborations within the industry. We serve as a pivotal partner for industry-linked research initiatives, offering digital transformation services to esteemed corporations including Boeing, Airbus, UPS, Toshiba, Hitachi, and more. These partnerships present invaluable practical resources for our students.

Swinburne University of Technology has joined forces with FPT to drive industry-linked research endeavours. Additionally, Swinburne Vietnam engages in collaborations with various Vietnamese companies and international markets to further these initiatives.

Through an extensive network, Swinburne Vietnam collaborates with nearly 100 leading businesses and corporations across diverse sectors, encompassing names such as InterContinental, FPT Software, Panasonic, Nielsen, PwC, T&A Ogilvy, VnExpress, IBM Vietnam, Sun Group, Viettel, Cisco, Toyota, VNPT, VMO, NashTech, and more. This collaborative effort significantly enhances our students’ opportunities for experiential learning, fostering a robust educational ecosystem focused on research and enterprise at Swinburne Vietnam.

Signing ceremony between VMO Academy and NashTech with Swinburne Vietnam

Signing ceremony between VMO Academy and NashTech with Swinburne Vietnam

Signing ceremony between The Australia Vietnam Leadership Dialogue (AVLD) and Swinburne Vietnam

Signing ceremony between The Australia Vietnam Leadership Dialogue (AVLD) and Swinburne Vietnam

2. Industry projects

Engage directly with industry briefs, tackle complex industry challenges, and gain hands-on experience with the tools and methodologies integral to your field of study. This authentic industry exposure is seamlessly integrated into your degree program.

Through an industry project, you’ll collaborate with fellow students to address a genuine project brief delivered by our esteemed industry partners. These partners will be actively involved, offering guidance, support, feedback, and assessment throughout the process. Moreover, upon successful alignment with their requirements, they intend to implement the solutions devised.

For instance, students specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence recently delved into crafting designs for a portable remote-controlled robot equipped with mesh networking and GPS capabilities as part of their industry project.

The competition Swin-Biz-Rockstar

The competition Swin-Biz-Rockstar

Swin Hackathon

Swin Hackathon

Swin-Media x Rang Dong

Swin-Media x Rang Dong

3. Internship 

Connecting student studies and professional practice with a part-time internship at a highly regarded organisation over a semester. 

Annual Career Fair

Annual Career Fair

Internship at Swinburne Vietnam is a workplace experience in a field relating to your area of study, taken part-time or full-time over one semester (normally in the first semester of the 3rd academic year- for students who passed 150 credits) 

The aim of this special program at Swinburne Vietnam is to equip students with knowledge, skills, practical experience relevant to their future careers. Swinburne’s Internship Program is an opportunity for students to undertake a ‘real world learning’ experience and gain valuable work experience. This program will provide students with an opportunity to apply concepts and principles of their discipline in a workplace setting in industry and to better appreciate the nature of employment in the industry. An internship semester is an academic unit worth 25 credit points and in two elective options in all degrees.    

Throughout your internship, you’ll be assessed on your learning experience. This includes an Internship Plan where you’ll have the opportunity to outline your learning aims and objectives for the unit. Other assessments include check-ins, reflective practice and writing that links academic theory to the world of work.   

What are learning outcomes in our OJT semester

  • Negotiating realistic work objectives; 
  • Reflecting on significant incidents/s in the workplace to identify the realities of industry practice for career development; 
  • Demonstrating effective communication skills for a range of audiences; 
  • Documenting work undertaken in a professional context 
  • Skill development and gaining first-hand experience      
  • Expanding your professional network 
  • Polishing your resume   
  • Employment and career opportunities after graduation 

4. Industry Research

Swinburne coordinates businesses and research institutes to research applied technology solutions, especially IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Swinburne’s projects are oriented towards combining people and technology, to realize the Swinburne strategy of becoming a partner providing technology solutions for businesses.

Research areas that Swinburne experts have been conducting include:

–   Towards an insight into the adoption of Open Innovation by SMEs in Vietnam – Proceedings of the third International Conference on Research in Management and Technovation.

–   Toward an insight into Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh during Covid-19 and Beyond – Proceedings of the third International Conference on Research in Management and Technovation.

–   Towards optimising customers’ experiences in Swinburne Vietnam.

–   Insights of customers of Doppelherz

–   Research on customer experiences of Sen Do e-commerce platform.

5. Field trips

Field trips is a program designed as an opportunity to help students apply theoretical knowledge to real case studies by directly approaching business markets with their inspired leaders. 100% of courses at Swinburne Vietnam have this activity.

Business tours are intended to help you understand the business environment and apply the knowledge you have learned into business practice. Impressive field trips programs of Swinburne Vietnam are Panasonic Vietnam factory, LeBros Media Group, Samsung R&D centre, Saigon Beer factory , Dalat Hasfarm, Acecook Vietnam…

Field trip to Panasonic

Field trip to Panasonic

Field trip to Samsung R&D

Field trip to Samsung R&D

Swinburne Vietnam students visit Singapore

Swinburne Vietnam students visit Singapore

6. Industry Mentoring

The goal of Industry Mentoring is to accelerate the personal and professional development of each student. This is achieved by providing students with guidance, advice and feedback from mentors with more experience than themselves. 

  • Unit Chair Session / Enrichment Session 

Each compulsory Unit Chair Session / Enrichment Session duration is at least an hour, and the topic is related to the learning unit which would be of interest to students. In addition, it is to broaden students’ understanding of lecture activities as this would be useful for final evaluation. All Unit Chair Session is performed by professors and lecturers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn, Australia.  

  • Guest Speaker Session 

Guest speaker sessions allow students to listen to their industry expert’s stories to learn about the career pathway, successful business model or innovative organization. Those stories also provide students with a true perspective of what it is like to work in the “real world”. Each session requires students to ask questions which will help them consider whether they might like to pursue a future career in various industries.  

Our partners

Our partners


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Domestic and International Competitions

To increase students’ exposure and competence, Swinburne Vietnam hosts multiple domestic and international competitions and conferences such as entrepreneurial ideas, debate, and hackathons.

Industry Mentors

Swinburne Vietnam’s strategic network which includes FPT Group’s companies and partners, helps connect students with leading industry experts and professionals. Students will learn to reach out and build professional relationships that can blossom into lifelong mentorship opportunities.

In Information technology, students get access to about 2200 IT experts working at leading technology corporations and companies, such as FPT Software international, CMC Soft, and VNPT. In business, students also can access to business leaders from startup companies or leading business groups. In most of the units conducted during the course, students will have opportunities to learn from relevant well-known mentors in that areas.

Swinburne Vietnam's Industry certificates program aims to be one of Vietnam’s leading professional education providers. We created a flexible, practical and flexible way for students to learn more skills and industry knowledge in a professional environment. With short courses, qualifications, diplomas and certificates through to providing pathways towards Masters’ Degrees, Swinburne Industry Certificates is here to deliver.

Swinburne Vietnam's Industry certificates

Swinburne Vietnam is in partnership with:







Deutsche Bank

IBM, Microsoft, SAP,… are important partners of FPT Corporation. Delivering Swinburne Vietnam's Industry certificate program is to provide students with a competitive and expert environment. Learners will receive a certificate granted by one of our partners when finishing the course. 

Industry-linked Projects

Students get to apply knowledge and gain practical experiences from solving real cases and business partners’ problems. All the courses at Swinburne Vietnam are designed to provide students with the most updated knowledge and industry practices.

On-the-job Training with leading businesses

In their third year, students will take one or two semesters to participate in a full-time internship to explore future career options and build up their network.

Swinburne Vietnam students can bring new skills and fresh talent to student in workplace.  Internship is very important to help students have a practical experience at the industries. Swinburne Vietnam will do the service of internship placement for students for student to learn practical experience with the support of both academic teachers and experts at enterprise. Swinburne Vietnam has partnership with various industries to provide a good range of choices for students. The following is our partnership that support internship for students.

Study Tours

Each course at Swinburne Vietnam offers study tours that enhances student learning through professional shadowing, business open days, and field trips. Past tours include business visits and experiential tours to Moc Chau, Cu Chi and Fansipan.

Workshops with Industry Experts

Swinburne Vietnam understands the significance of broadening students’ perspectives and enhancing their global citizenship. Hence, we organise conferences and workshops with global leaders and thinkers to share with students on relevant and important issues.

Vi Le Peterson

"All of you can become changemakers," Ms. Vi Le Peterson - former Australian Senior Trade Commissioner to Vietnam and the first guest speaker of Swinburne Vietnam's Changemakers Series 2021.