Student Consultation and Support Services

Student consultation and support services at Swinburne are received and addressed through the Student Services Office, known as StudentHQ. Here, Swinburne students will receive comprehensive one-stop support services for all academic and other related needs.

StudentHQ – Student Support Office

The Student Support team at StudentHQ serves as the central support hub providing information to students regarding common issues encountered during their academic journey. Students can reach out via the hotline at 19006412 or email at

StudentHQ provides students with the following services:

  1. Student ID Card
  2. International Student Support Services
  3. Career Guidance and Job Placement
  4. Accommodation Assistance
  5. Financial Support
  6. Issue Resolution and Feedback


Student ID

With a Swinburne student ID, students are granted access to Swinburne facilities and resources, including library access and identification for exams. Student IDs are provided to students upon receiving an Offer of Admission and are printed on the student card. In case of a lost Offer of Admission and/or student card, students can seek assistance from the StudentHQ Office.


For students enrolled in the Global Citizen Program (not enrolled in specialized majors):

The student ID will be provided by Swinburne Vietnam Alliance to access systems such as Google Mail, Student Portal, Cloudstore, for receiving announcements and academic information. Your student ID will have the format SWH20xxxx, for example, if your name is Nguyen Thu Ha, your student ID will be SWH20001.


For students enrolled in specialized majors:

In addition to the student ID provided by the Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program, students will also be given an additional ID to access Swinburne Australia’s learning systems like Canvas, Microsoft Office 365, etc. This ID consists of a 9-digit number, for example: 103185978.


For the quickest assistance, students can contact StudentHQ using the following information:

StudentHQ – 1st Floor, Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program, 2 Duong Khue, Cau Giay, Hanoi


Phone: 1900 6412


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