Login to Email, Wi-Fi, and Swinburne Information Systems

Logging into Email, Wi-Fi, and the Swinburne information system are among the first steps that students need to take after enrolling at Swinburne Vietnam. Learn how to log in to email, Wi-Fi, access the online information system, and utilize library services at Swinburne Vietnam.

Setting Up and Logging into Student Email

The system will send important notifications to students via their email accounts, so regularly checking email is essential to avoid missing important information.


For students enrolled in the Global Citizenship program (not majoring yet):

  • Swinburne Vietnam will provide students with a Google Mail address to log into Google Mail, Swin360, and receive notifications from the university. The student’s email format will be studentnameIDnumber@fpt.edu.vn, for example: If your name is Nguyen Thu Ha and your student ID is SWH20001, your email format will be: hantswh20001@fpt.edu.vn.
  • Student IDs can be found on the enrollment invitation or on the student card on the first day of enrollment. Your current password will be used to log in to your email on Google Mail.
  • Access email here.


For students majoring in specific fields:

  • In addition to the provided Google Mail address, Swinburne Vietnam also uses Microsoft Office 365 to manage student email.
  • The username will be the student’s email address when logging into Office 365. The student’s email format will be studentIDnumber@student.swin.edu.au, for example: 20196543@student.swin.edu.au.
  • Student IDs can be found on the enrollment invitation or on the student card. Your current password will be used to log in to your student email on Office 365.
  • Access email here.

Note: Your current student password is the one you received from Swinburne Vietnam when applying, and it’s the password you will use to access university systems.


Student Email on Mobile Devices

Download the free Google Email and Microsoft Outlook apps available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. Download these free apps from Apple, Android, or Microsoft app stores. Students can also access email through apps like Email on iPhone.

To set up your account, open the app, then add a new email account by entering your email address as the username and your password.


Connecting to Student Wi-Fi

Connecting to the Wi-Fi network across the Swinburne campus on all student devices is easy.

(Wi-Fi is provided for free on the Swinburne campus, and students wanting to access the free Wi-Fi service will be required to enter the student Wi-Fi password.)


Wi-Fi and IT Support

Swinburne Vietnam support staff can assist students with the following services:

  • Connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Login issues
  • Using wireless printers
  • Basic IT issues
  • Printing and photocopying
  • Using self-checkout devices
  • Finding books
  • Other IT-related services


Contact the IT department for support:

Mr. David (Hung Nguyen)

Phone: 0973 302 382

Email: hungnv32@fe.edu.vn

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