Student Support Systems

The student systems are tools that students use to interact with Swinburne and use throughout their learning journey at Swinburne. From timetables, academic results, assignment submissions, to lecture recordings, these are the most frequently used student systems.


Canvas Student System

Canvas is the learning management system with convenient online tools for accessing study materials, submitting assignments, and receiving course-related notifications for students’ majors. Use your SIMS ID/username and password to access the system here.


Swin360 System

Swin360 is the learning management system with online tools to manage Global Citizen and major-specific academic results, timetables, academic progress, and students’ finances.

Use your account (e.g., to access the system here.


Cloud store System

Cloudstore is a free system for storing students’ study materials as well as support for storing your academic work. For example, there are available domains, domain names, etc., for students to store websites that they have created and designed.


Swinburne Student Email System

It’s important to regularly check your student email because the university uses this email for important notifications. If you don’t check it regularly, you may miss important information related to your academic program or university life. Swinburne uses Google Email and Microsoft Office 365 to meet students’ email needs.


Access the Email system here:

Google Mail

Microsoft Office 365

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