Immerse yourself in the latest tech, surround yourself with the brightest minds and kick-start your career with the Bachelor of Media and Communication. Our refreshed course prepares you for today’s media sector from day one. Through collaborative media production, you’ll master the skills demanded by today’s dynamic environment, engage in cross-disciplinary media labs and co-create for endless possibilities. Through industry projects, work placements, and internships, we’ll nurture your professional growth and help you discover your true passions.

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Course detail

Describe the course structure, career opportunities, training content, output standards, and business connections.

Program Code:

Duration: 3 years

Faculty: Media and Communications

Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Mode: Full-time

Time launch: 2021

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities: Media & Marketing Specialist, Content Creator, Public Relations Specialist, Advertising Consultant, Media Planning Specialist, Brand Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Creative Director.

Education program

Core studies

4 units (50 credit points)

UnitsUnit codesCredit points
Professional Communication PracticeCOM1000712.5
Media Content CreationJOU1000712.5
Introduction to Media StudiesMDA1000112.5
Global Media IndustriesMDA1000812.5


8 units (100 credit points)

Selected major: Advertising

Gain vital knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the complex and creative world of advertising. Explore effective design and strategy, as well as advertising development, implementation and evaluation. Learn how to design advertisements that not only please clients but achieve the ultimate purpose of reaching the audience in the desired way.

UnitsUnit codesCredit points
Principles of AdvertisingADV1000112.5
Advertising Issues: Regulation, Ethics & Cultural Considerations *ADV2000112.5
Concept Development and CopywritingADV2000212.5
Business of MediaMDA2000112.5
Advertising, Media Planning and Purchasing *ADV3000112.5
Advertising Management and Campaigns Project *ADV3000212.5
Professional Practice: Client and Agency Management *COM3000212.5

*Outcome unit – completion demonstrates the attainment of course learning outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Media and Communication, graduates will be able to:

  • develop knowledge, conceptual understanding, technical skills and expertise in the broad field of media and communication
  • formulate arguments that draw on and critique the differences between relevant theories and evidence as they pertain to the field of media and communication
  • exercise initiative and judgment in planning, problem-solving and decision-making in professional practice and/or scholarship, individually and in collaboration with others
  • critically apply creativity and problem-solving in relation to a range of media and communication activities and processes.
  • recognise and reflect on social, cultural, legal and ethical issues relating to media and communication industries in local and international contexts
  • apply a broad understanding of an audience through interpreting and communicating ideas, problems and arguments in a range of media and communication contexts and formats, using the English language
  • reflect critically on their performance and/or scholarship and use this to improve their own creative and productive outcomes
  • critically evaluate and apply research methodology relevant to the field of media and communication.

Business connection

Swinburne Vietnam’s strategic network which includes FPT Group’s companies and partners, helps connect students with leading industry experts and professionals. Students will learn to reach out and build professional relationships that can blossom into lifelong mentorship opportunities.

Student Work