International Business


We believe that business is now a global enterprise. That’s why we offer international business at Swinburne.

International business courses are an opportunity to explore the global marketplace. You’ll gain an understanding of overseas markets and the challenges associated with their operation. We provide insight into the role of culture and the business customs, economic systems, and political and trade policies that affect international business.

Future careers can be found in international trade, marketing, tourism, government and organisation who serve international clients.

Your career opportunities

Graduates enjoy open career options relating to the current international context, such as: International business owner, entrepreneur, change manager, product developer, product manager, trade specialist, import/export coordinator, human resource manager, international business strategist, multi-national sales manager Swinburne Vietnam’s strategic network which includes FPT Group’s companies and partners, helps connect students with leading industry experts and professionals. Students will learn to reach out and build professional relationships that can blossom into lifelong mentorship opportunities.