How to apply

In order to apply for the Bachelor of Business or the Bachelor of Information Technology & Communication program, candidates must submit all of the following documents for admission evaluation:

  • Application Form
  • Highest qualification (High school diploma) – Certification & Transcript
  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL) (for non-native English speaking candidates only)
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • International Passport 
  • Passport photograph (3x4cm)
  • Health Check Certificate (taken within the last 06 months)

 Notes to applicants:

  • All documents mentioned in the Application Package above must be authenticated and notarized by local authorities. Forged or illegally edited documents will be disqualified and its owner will be banned from applying to the University.
  •  FPT University is only the legitimate party authorized to issue the Application Form, Conditional Offer Letter, Fee Plan and Admission Letter. Any of these documents given to students by a third party is considered invalid.
  •  Official educational agents of Swinburne are authorized to mediate documents between the University and applicants. Applicants must consult with the Global Office for the validity of the agent and its documents before continuing the application.

Plan your arrival

After you have accepted your offer to study at Swinburne (Vietnam), you can start planning your arrival in Vietnam.

There are a number of things you must do before you depart your home country. Use our resources to help plan your arrival.

Applying for your visa

Upon submitting your application to Swinburne (Vietnam), you will have to wait for the Visa Approval Letter which will be couriered to you. This letter is issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam and given to the Student Visa Assistant of the University to be sent to you in your respective country.

With the Visa Approval Letter in hand, you are to contact the Vietnamese Embassy nearest to you to obtain a single entry visa into Vietnam.

How to apply

Once you have the Visa Approval Letter, you can proceed to the nearest Vietnamese Embassy to obtain a single entry visa into Vietnam.

When applying for the visa, you will also need to bring your Letter of Offer from the university.

Upon your arrival at Swinburne Sarawak, your single entry visa will be converted into a student visa. This conversion will be done at the Immigration Department of Vietnam by the Student Visa Assistant of the University.

The duration of your student visa is dependent on the duration of your program of study. Please note that the student visa is renewable on its expiry date.

Arriving in Noibai Airport (to reach Hanoi Campus)

It’s a good idea to be organised for your arrival in Noibai Airport before you leave home.

You’ll need to book flights, organise travel insurance, understand Vietnamese currency and prepare your transportation from the airport to your accommodation.

Flight and money

Once your application has been fully processed, tuition fees paid and your student visa granted, you should book a flight to Vietnam (particularly Hanoi).

Travel insurance

It is best that you take out at least four weeks travel insurance before departure. You travel agent should be able to help you organise this.

Preparing your finances

It is a good idea to arrive with some Vietnamese currency (VND). It is recommended that you bring approximately VND 5 million in cash (notes and coins), and credit cards.

It is also helpful to have a credit card, especially in emergencies. The most common credit cards used in Malaysia are Visa and Mastercard.

Airport pick-up and transport

You can arrange an airport pick-up service, or organise other means of transport, such as a taxi, to your accommodation.

Airport pick-up service

The airport pick-up service is free for international students when they first arrive.

A Swinburne Vietnam staff will meet you at the airport after you have cleared customs and transport you to your arranged accommodation.

You may experience waiting periods at the airport as the staff may be required to drop off other students in the same pick up. We appreciate your patience with this.

If you are arriving with family members, you would have indicated this information in the Arrival Services Form that you submitted when you enrol. Due to space limitation in the transport vehicle, only 4 persons are allowed.

Taxis and Grab

You can book taxi or grab to your place of accommodation or hotels. Taxi fares to Swinburne Vietnam campus cost a fixed rate of about VND 400.000  (USD 20).

Accepting your offer

Swinburne sends successful applicants a Letter of Offer which outlines the course or courses they are eligible to study. To accept your offer to study at Swinburne, you must complete, sign and return an Offer Acceptance Form and pay the deposit outlined on your Letter of Offer. Before accepting your offer, you must read all the important information relating to your offer.

English Language Courses (Global Citizen Center)

Student who is not at the English level of English IELTS 6.0 or B2 can participate in the Global citizen program. The center provides excellent English learning experience for students. Based on the testing the entry level of students, students will have class placement into one of 6 levels. Students not only learning English, but also improve essential skills of Global Citizen in 21st Century and the Industry 4.0 such as Communication skills, Teamwork, Problem-solving skills, Critical thinking, Innovative and entrepreneurship. At the 6 level, student will have a international testing in B2 English to entry the degree program.