Culture Activities

Every year, Swinburne Vietnam cooperate with FPT University welcomes students from different countries to Vietnam for studying and experiencing local culture as well as the multicultural environment.

Traditional Lunar New Year festival

The Traditional New Year Festival hosted by FPT University before the longest and biggest holiday in Vietnam – Tet Holiday brings students the chance to take part in a lot of activities such as making ‘Chung cake’, playing traditional games, or enjoying calligraphy art.

At this event, students have a chance to put on Vietnam’s traditional costumes and enjoy the festive atmosphere on campus.

Japanese Culture Day

Japanese Culture Day (JCD) is an annual event co-hosted by FPT University students and their friends coming from universities in Japan.

It is a special event that Vietnamese and other international students in Hanoi can learn more about Japanese culture and experience traditional customs as well as modern culture such as “Sado” (Japanese tea culture), origami, manga and anime, etc.

Bruneian culture day

This special event is hosted by Bruneian students attending Community Outreach Program and Semester Abroad Programs in Vietnam.

Through the Bruneian Culture Day, Vietnamese students have an opportunity to join in a lot of activities such as discovering Bruneian culture, playing traditional games, costume fitting, henna tattooing, and savouring tasty food to understand more about this ‘hidden kingdom’.

International festival

A chance for international students to share their unique national identities and a chance for Vietnamese students to enjoy and explore new cultures.

Miss FPT University

A beauty contest to find out the special representatives for the university. This annual competition is open for both local and international students at FPTU with unlimited opportunities.

Students Clubs events

In addition to the provision of intensive programs that are closely connected with the global market requirements of highly skilled labour, FPT University also strongly supports students in developing essential soft skills.