Discover Vietnam

Vietnam is a friendly and beautiful country.

Safety: According to the Independent News UK, “there are only 11 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict”, and Vietnam is among those countries.

One of the fastest-growing economy in the world: According to “While the world’s largest emerging economies including Russia, Brazil and China falter, Vietnam’s steady economic growth at near 7 percent this year

Affordable living costs: On average, with only $300 USD/month, you will have all necessities you need for the new life in Vietnam.

Food lover’s paradise: Not only are there many Western restaurants to choose from, you can also savour a huge array of great local restaurants, food stalls and street vendors

Diverse Culture: Vietnam has a lot to offer in term of culture: historical places, arts, music, architecture, costumes, food, festivals, religious facilities, etc.

Easy to get around: Although motorbike is the primary mode of transportation, everyone can easily rent or buy a bike, hop on a bus or grab a taxi to travel around at reasonable prices

Kind and friendly people: You will be charmed by amiable Vietnamese people everywhere you go. You can easily ask for direction or get the support from local citizens.

Fascinating travel destinations: Staying in Vietnam – home to many world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO – you will be amazed by the breathtaking natural beauty and enchanting cultural experience.