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Why choose Swinburne Vietnam?

Why choose Swinburne Vietnam?

Swinburne’s top global education: Commitment to the high-quality teaching from Swinburne (Australia) to produce career-ready graduates. Programs are provided with educational leaders in science, technology, innovation, business and design.

Affordable price and accessible process: Students in Vietnam will immerse themselves into an international learning environment and global education and training with an affordable price. Students are also financially supported with a range of scholarships sponsored by Swinburne (Vietnam).

Pioneering digital transformation: Swinburne (Vietnam) recognises the importance of digital transformation, with main majors related to IT, Big Data, Internet of Things, as students would be able to apply what they have learnt into practice.

Global citizen program provided: Students participate in the Uni Entry Program, which orientates students to become a global citizen. The program provides students the opportunities to enhance their ability to work in multi-cultural and multidisciplinary teams while exploring sustainability topics.

Industry-linked projects: On-the-job training provided for students to experience the real workplace environment and gain the real knowledge during the course. FPT Corporation’s impressive network of industry links provides students with valuable work experience opportunities.

Self-improvement: Students are allowed to grow themselves and become better. The innovative teaching and learning do not focus only on academic field, but also students’ personal and professional skills.