Global Citizen Program

Note: The Global Citizen program is a program provided by Swinburne Vietnam to help students improve their English proficiency and other soft skills that will help them thrive in an international environment.  The program is not affiliated with the course provided by Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

We are living in a world that keeps changing, especially in technology. The Industry 4.0 has led us to a new era of transformation and technology, in which individuals are encouraged and stimulated to change, to improve themselves to adapt with the challenging environment, society and workforce.


Learning is a life-long journey. The ideal of classroom of tomorrow must prepare students for changes. Here at “The Australia” of Swinburne (Viet Nam), we embrace the idea of creative and collaborative teaching and learning. Students develop a growth mindset to become independent, discover themselves and enjoy life to the fullest.


Teachers and experts from around the world arrive at “The Australia” to bring Vietnamese students the most effective international program in order to meet the most important skills of 21st century: Problem Solving, Critical thinking, Teamwork, Communication, Creativity and Leadership skills. Our programs happen naturally in 100% English environment.



Our students are the center of “Little Australia” whose happy learning experience and everyday improvement truly matters. This is the most meaningful motivation for us to bring the most effective learning environment to students.


The Global Citizen Program includes 6 levels, from introductory to advanced level, apart from extracurricular activities with the aim of providing students with academic skills, personal and interpersonal skills. Students have opportunities to express their logical and critical thinking by participating debates taken place regularly during the program.


Essential skills of Global Citizen in 21st Century and the Industry 4.0:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Innovative and entrepreneurship


Course structure

The program consists of 6 levels. From the beginning, students’ English capability and soft skills, which are features of a typical Global Citizen, are examined through interviews. Then, students are classified into the appropriate group, including 2 levels. After the completion of level 6th – the advanced one, students will be confident to be a Global Citizen and equipped with all necessary soft skills needed to be successful in the future, before starting the Undergraduate Course at Swinburne (Vietnam).



Group 1

Level 1 & 2

Group 2 

Level 3 & 4

Group 3 

Level 5 & 6

Duration12 months8 months4 months
IntakeAugust – Start Undergraduate course starts in August the following yearAugust – Undergraduate course starts in May the following yearAugust – Start Undergraduate course starts in January the following year


Level 1: Basic 1

The program creates a basic English foundation for students, through an environment of exposure, familiarity with English, helping students become “bold” and more active when learning English.

Initially, students are introduced to the basic rules of learning English, creating a habit of using English in daily life by familiarizing themselves with basic conversations and phonics, which thereby stimulates students’ interest in learning.

Students are encouraged to use English throughout the program, hence increasing their confidence in communication.


Level 2: Basic 2

At this level, students have an opportunity to expose to advanced daily conversation, then improve their phonics, pronunciation and intonation.

Students are equipped to familiarise with the Undergraduate course by improving their listening skills and take- note skills, besides some others like team working and problem-solving skills.

Each class is divided into small groups, in which students analyze a certain scenario and come up with the most appropriate solution. Groups present ways of handling through presentations.


Level 3: Academic Culture 1

Students of level 3 will learn about current issues in the world through reading materials and presentations provided. Students are motivated to discuss, express their point of view on issues, before giving a presentation to groups.

We understand that every global citizen needs to enhance their awareness and understanding of the world, always being open-minded to acquire learning, as well as building independence in thinking and action.


Level 4: Academic culture 2

In this level, academic discussions will be taken place. Students are stimulated to research information on certain issues through reading sources. In addition, some of the current affairs will be brought into the class. Students are trained in critical thinking skills, language practicing, hence being able to discuss with international students.


Level 5: Global Citizen 1

Level 5 is seen as an initial orientation program for students to behave like a global citizen, who is always open to different cultural values, continuously eager to learning and to connecting with the world. In this level, lectures and practices focus on strengthening leadership skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills through debates and group activities.

Level 6: Global Citizen 2

Apart from academic programs including reading and researching on materials, practicing linguistics, writing and preparing the necessary skills for IELTS, students are also facilitated to promote creativity and independence and to have an inquiring mind to become a Global Citizen.


Extracurricular activities

– Debating activities

– Public speaking contests

– Culture clubs

– Volunteer work

– Uni Entry’s Got Talent


Entry requirements

Students are examined by interviews to be classified into specific classes. There are 3 main groups, which includes 2 levels for each. Students will have to complete 6 levels, to be qualified to continue their undergraduate program.

Students who gained 6.0 IELTS and passed the interview will take group 3 (level 5 and 6) from the beginning.


Course fee

14,000,000 VND (equivalent to 600 USD) for each level – 84,000,000 VND (3,600 USD) for the whole program.

Students will have to complete 6 levels, to be qualified to continue their undergraduate program.