Balancing Study and Social Life

One of the keys to success at not just university, but with life, in general, is having the ability to balance study, work, commitments, and social life. It’s sometimes not an easy thing to do when you want to do EVERYTHING, but here are some suggestions from our team and students about how to achieve success at uni through time management.

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A good work-life balance, has numerous positive effects, including less stress, a lower risk of burnout, and a greater sense of well-being. (Photo: Shuttershock)

Create a weekly timetable – the first thing to do if you want to balance study and social life

It sounds simple but having a plan and a routine can be really calming once your studies and assignments start picking up.

Start your timetable by putting in your lectures and seminars, and then build the rest around it. Schedule in time for studying, with clear times and locations, this will really help keep you on track. Try mixing up the locations that you study between classes, maybe try a new café or library.

Don’t forget to add in some other activities too, whether that’s some sports and exercise, your part-time job, or importantly, just some time off for you to chill out. Even if it’s just a time for you to relax and watch Netflix, it’s important to have that time scheduled.

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A daily schedule helps you prioritize your wants and needs efficiently and offers you structures to support your productivity (Photo: Wikihow)

Create the perfect study space

Different people study best in different ways, some people prefer the library, others prefer a café and some prefer to be at home.

Find out what works best for you and then try to create the perfect place to study so you can keep on track. If it’s at home try to keep your desk clean and tidy with enough space to work comfortably.

Why not add something that inspires you – a photo or inspirational quote that will keep you on track and remind you why you’re doing this. Also having a plant on your desk is shown help too!

Combine your studies with social time

Some students study better with others – whether it’s with a friend or in a group, it can make it easier to stay committed and can give you someone to bounce ideas off or help remember things and break down the jargon.

Even if you’re not on the same course, it can help to have someone there to keep you on track, and once you’re satisfied with your work progress, there’s an excuse for some nice socializing afterward.

Talk about how you feel

Nothing is as important as your health, so if you feel overwhelmed, it can really have an effect on both your study life and social life, and it can be a huge weight off if you talk to someone about it. Swinburne offers loads of support channels for students, and it’s always good to speak to your friends about things that are worrying you too.

Don’t forget why you’re here

You studied really hard to get to university in the first place, so you know you can do it!

If things do start to get on top of you, just try to simplify it all by pulling back and thinking about what you’re here for and what you will achieve in the future.

Don’t be afraid to say no

balance study

Saying no allows you to say yes to what is important to you. (photo: Y5STUDY)

Don’t ever feel obliged that you have to agree to everything and overload yourself. If you can’ commit it’s always better to say so at the start than agree to something that you’ll stress about or can’t complete.

So if your boss offers you an extra shift at work but you have an essay due, learning to say “no” can be a positive thing.

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