How to prepare well for students to become a future Global Citizen?

Doctor Marisha McAuliffe, be known as Student Service Director of Swinburne Vietnam had valuable sharing on this topic, before the international conference on “Exploring Boundaries of Global Citizenship – EBGC” to happen on 29 – 30th July 2022.

Hi Marisha, thank you for being here with us today.

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Dr. Marisha McAuliffe – Director of Student Service at Swinburne Vietnam, to be the representative of the organizing board of the conference “Exploring Boundaries of Global Citizenship”

Can you share your opinions about the definition & the importance of Global Citizen in the 21st century?   

Well in 2015, UNESCO did propose a definition on Global Citizen Education. Since then, the world has witnessed various changes. Existing common skill sets have been outdated. Thus, young people need to build new knowledge, skills and values to adapt to new global requirements.   

Global citizens need to care about broad issues, not only in their accommodation areas, but also other international existing issues namely climate changes, flood, forest fire or international diplomatic issues. They are empowered to raise voices to give solutions and express positive & inspirational energy to all people in the world.  

How can young people reach out to global issues in the global setting?   

In my opinion, the best way is via education. In Australian education system, skill sets for global mindset, logic & critical thinking are applied in programs soon. In Swinburne Vietnam, we do that too.   

Training programs are always obliged to sustainable objectives of the UN (for short: SDGs). For example: the importance of global climate changes, the necessity for the protection of natural resources, the situation of gender equality.  

Even in extra – curriculum programs, the mentioned contents are added to social activities such as voluntary, cultural exchange activities, etc…  

What benefits that Vietnamese student can gain from discussions on the upcoming international conference EBGC?   

Well, I believe that the EBGC conference will attract students’ attendance on global topics, under objectives & creative mindsets on a broad setting. Please note that student registration is free. The conference will include a session which is hosted & facilitated by students at Swinburne Vietnam.                

Sharing & discussions from experts, educators, strategy planners will not only help students to have a broad & deep look at realistic situations but give them tips to “survive” and “explore direction themselves” in the global setting as well.   

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According to Dr. Marisha McAuliffe, the EBGC conference will attract students joining to share about global topics.

The Global Citizen Education is still developing in Vietnam. How can the EBGC conference help educators to leverage & prepare better for their students?  

I believe that the method on how global context is formed has not been fully aware among educators, students working into Global Citizenship programs. The upcoming EBGC conference will be a professional forum for all experts, managers & ones working in the education sector to have open discussions to acknowledge themselves of new insights, ideas. In addition, even enterprises can participate because they will be the main driver in the labor market to recruit qualified global candidates in the future.   

Not limited to the perspective on the Global Citizen education, open discussions with parents, students will provide insights, opinions for experts, educators to explore innovative ideas, solutions for existing training programs. We work & strive to provide better education programs for students, young people.   

We would be honored to have your sharing about the Global Citizen topic today! 

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