Swinburne Vietnam grants USD 20,000 scholarships for students

Swinburne Vietnam grants USD 20,000 scholarships for students

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On May 14th 2019, within the series of event of Melbourne Week organized by Australian Embassy, ​​FPT University and Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) organized the workshop “Education and Workforce In the Era of Industry 4.0”.

The workshop focused on the opportunities, challenges and solutions to solve the shortage of highly skilled workforce in Vietnam when it comes to the Era of Industry 4.0.

Swinburne’s Global education in Vietnam

Two technology universities will deliver Swinburne University of Technology’s global education and research expertise in undergraduate courses including Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Media and Communication.

Both partners are technology-focused universities, in which FPT University is a leading Vietnamese private university owned by FPT, Vietnam’s largest global IT services corporation, while Swinburne has been well-known as an long-historic technical educational institution in Vietnam and all over the world. Thus, this strategic partnership is to focus on the digital transformation for social and economic impact and delivering a highly skilled workforce as Vietnam embraces Industry 4.0.

Global citizen program offered

All students will also participate Global Citizen program to build up essential soft skills needed of a Global Citizen such as problem solving, critical thinking and team-working skills, besides improving their ability to use English, hence applying it into the undergraduate study.

At the workshop Swinburne Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FPT Software. Accordingly, FTP Software is committed to recruiting 100% of graduates from the university, to providing internship programs to students, to partnering in commercial research and industry links between FPT Software and the University. The participation of industry leading companies is expected to be applied in research and teaching at Swinburne Vietnam.

USD 20,000 scholarships grant to students

To encourage and support Vietnamese students, Swinburne Vietnam also announced its full-ride scholarships to students in the workshop. In particular, there are 3 full-ride scholarships worthing USD 20,000 each.

This is called “Lighting the Future” scholarship program, which aims to financially support students who wish to achieve the opportunities to study at Swinburne Vietnam. To be eligible for the scholarship, students will submit an English essay to Swinburne Vietnam to be examined and then awarded by the University Council in consequence of the process.

In addition, Swinburne Vietnam will also offer USD 4,000, USD 6,000 and USD 8,000 scholarships to students who meets the academic and situational requirements.

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