Three reasons why Swinburne Vietnam stands out this summer 2019

Three reasons why Swinburne Vietnam stands out this summer 2019

Swinburne University of Technology have partnered with FPT University, a subsidiary of the FPT Group, a large Vietnamese corporation focusing on the provision of IT-related services. Spend 6 or 12 months completing a Professional Placement at FPT Software, also a part of the FPT Group. FPT University will provide in-country support and assistance to students, and will help with the logistics of settling in Vietnam.

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Same benefits shared between students in Vietnam and Australia

Ms. Monica Kennedy – Swinburne University Vice President (Australia) said: “Students studying at Swinburne Vietnam join the same system with Swinburne students in Australia, so all supports for equipment will be provided; Students of Swinburne Vietnam will also complete the course and be awarded the same degree as the one offered at Swinburne Australia “.

Global Citizen program

With Uni Entry, students will be trained in English and built soft skills including problem-solving skills, criticism, confidence, ways to integrate in the environment, effective learning methods . As a result, learning a program transferred entirely from Australia to Swinburne Vietnam will be more effective.

Industry Links

“After graduation, students of Swinburne Vietnam have a lot of opportunities to work in leading enterprises in their field of study by attending OJT program, and the practical experience provided during internship at the enterprise.”, said Dr. Hoang Viet Ha, Director of Swinburne Vietnam.

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