Planning your future

Planning your future

Learn about the options for study available at Swinburne Vietnam and how you can prepare.

Our focus is helping you decide and become who you want to be. Find out about the options for further study available to you at Swinburne.

Uni Entry program

Swinburne Vietnam offers Uni Entry program for students that do not have IELTS band 6.5. We offer Global Citizen course for all students in business, information technology/media and communication. Upon completion, this program provides a direct entry into any degree courses of your choice.


Degree courses, also known as bachelor degrees or undergraduate courses require a minimum of three years and 24 units of study. They provide students with a professional qualification.

Entry usually requires the completion of the Vietnamese High School or GCE A Levels, or their equivalent. In some cases, certain prerequisites studies are required.

Double degrees

Double degrees combine two areas of study. On completion, graduates are awarded two degrees.

In terms of study duration, a double degree can save lots of time. Instead of taking the same time as two (separate) degrees, a double degree usually takes a year longer to complete compared to a single degree.

Students who aspire to enroll a double degrees could find more information courses at Swinburne University of Technology.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate studies are courses and research that are available to students who have completed a first degree in university. At Swinburne, the postgraduate studies are undertaken in two ways: by coursework and by research.

Students who aspire to enroll a postgraduate course could access to Swinburne University of Technology  for further reference more information courses.

Swinburne Vietnam is about to introduce Master of science in Marketing in 2020.

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