Student Council

The strong bond and active participation of students at Swinburne Vietnam (SVN) are rooted in democratic principles and student social organizations representing the collective body of students known as the Swinburne Vietnam Student Council.

The Student Council’s primary function is to promote its members’ common interests and take responsibility for their participation and representation. Additionally, it is responsible for identifying and overseeing the strategic direction in meeting the needs of students at Swinburne Vietnam, adhering to organizational management regulations, ensuring integrity, defining the culture and ethics of the organization, and ensuring the provision of services and support in line with the core values of the organization.

Other functions of the Student Council include:

  • Furthering the common interests of SVN students;
  • Creating opportunities for communication among SVN students on shared concerns;
  • Providing extracurricular activities for the common benefit of SVN students and managing, supporting, and overseeing student clubs and organizations;
  • Representing SVN students whenever necessary or desired;
  • Providing recognized means of communication between SVN students and Swinburne Vietnam staff;
  • Providing, conducting, or managing educational, cultural, sports, welfare, entertainment, or commercial facilities or activities to serve SVN students’ direct or indirect interests.
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Student Community