INB20007 – Global Business Cultures

INB20007      |       12.5 Credit Points       |       Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Duration                                             Contact hours

One Semester                                       36 hours


Completion of a minimum 50 Credit Points



Aims and Objectives

This unit aims to provide students with the knowledge to enable them to understand and be able to effectively participate in global business environments. Particular attention is paid to regional and sub-regional groupings based on socio-economic and business factors. The use of culture models and theories will be the foundation of understanding. This unit also examines business etiquettes, communications, negotiations, similarities and differences from cross-cultural perspectives to heighten students’ cultural awareness and its importance/impact on social and commercial exchange.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Explain how cultural theories and practices underpin the context within which international business operates and be able to work as a member or leader of a group.
2. Compare the value systems of different cultures and how they conform or contrast to one’s own culture.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of cross cultural negotiation and the dimensions involved.
4. Comprehend the concept of global leadership and emerging issues of managing a global workforce in a diverse cultural environment, in order to be able to tackle unfamiliar problems.

General Skills Outcome

• Teamwork skills
• Analysis skills
• Communication skills
• Ability to tackle unfamiliar problems
• Ability to work independently