Achievements and Recognition

1. Research by lecturers and students

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Swinburne lecturers are all researchers and have hands-on experience. Research is focused on technology and technology applications. Lecturers’ research is often combined with students in each project.

Main research areas with many works published in international scientific journals, patents and applications include:

+ Artificial intelligence in the fields of natural language and image processing, control, automation, chatbot.

+ The Internet of Things (IoT): ứng dụng lĩnh vực IoT, Mobil, điều khiển tự động từ xa, nhà thông minh.

+ Robotic applies industrial robots in industry, life and human-machine and machine-machine interaction

+ The Internet of Things (IoT): applications in the fields of IoT, Mobil, remote automatic control, smart home.

+ Research issues in the fields of business, management, customer behavior and experience, marketing, technology application and business.

+ Research the fields of Media & Communication: new communication technologies, customer behavior in the digital world, new communication trends with technology applications.

2. International Conference

To promote scientific research connection activities, Swinburne organizes many international conferences every year.

The conferences are forums to discuss research, projects and ideas in the fields of Information Technology, AI, Computer Science, management and technology such as creative Marketing management, transformation management, enterprise digital transformation, digital financial management, supply chain management during the period.

With the orientation of becoming a bridge between scientific research and business, our conferences attract the participation of domestic and international scientists and businesses. After the conferences, many highly applicable topics were applied to building solutions for businesses in the technology era. 

2.1. International Conference on Intelligent Systems & Networks (ICISN)

Hội thảo quốc tế lần thứ 3 về Mạng và Hệ thống thông minh – ICISN 2023

ICISN 2023

Swinburne Vietnam also regularly participates as an organizer in the International Conference on Intelligent Systems & Networks (ICISN).

This is an international scientific conference on technology and digital transformation that is organized annually and published on the platform of prestigious academic organizations in the world such as: Springer, SCImago, ISI and Google. Scholar. This is an international forum for academic exchange between Vietnamese scientists and scientists from many countries around the world in the fields of electronics, communications, information technology and other related fields. 

Diverse research topics aim to solve practical problems of business and society such as: Control design of thermoacoustic generator systems using reinforcement learning algorithms; Develop economical and effective ultraviolet (UVC) irradiation solutions and equipment to quickly disinfect SARS-CoV-2 on N95 gas masks; A new system to recognize license plates in traffic violation situations in Vietnam; Predicting heart disease using soft calculation methods; Implementation of SMOTE and VGG-16 for COVID-19 Radiography.

2.2. International Conference on Research in Management & Technovation (ICRMAT)

Hội thảo quốc tế lần thứ 3 về Mạng và Hệ thống thông minh – ICISN 2023

ICISN 2023

Swinburne Vietnam organized the ICRMAT 2022 (International Conference on Research in Management & Technovation 2022) conference on December 16-17 in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

ICRMAT 2022 attracted high quality, unpublished and authenticated contributions to discuss innovative research ideas and innovation and research challenges. The main focus of our conference was to share a collaborative knowledge base among researchers from the fields of management and technology from different parts of the world. Promote partnerships between academia and industry. Publicize innovative research ideas and recent trends in technology research and management. Provide a broad platform for budding researchers to share their ideas before eminent speakers from renowned institutions.

3. Industry Research

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Swinburne coordinates businesses and research institutes to research applied technology solutions, especially IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Swinburne’s projects are oriented towards combining people and technology, to realize the Swinburne strategy of becoming a partner providing technology solutions for businesses.

Research areas that Swinburne experts have been conducting include:

–   Towards an insight into the adoption of Open Innovation by SMEs in Vietnam – Proceedings of the third International Conference on Research in Management and Technovation.

–   Toward an insight into Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh during Covid-19 and Beyond – Proceedings of the third International Conference on Research in Management and Technovation.

–   Towards optimising customers’ experiences in Swinburne Vietnam.

–   Insights of customers of Doppelherz

–   Research on customer experiences of Sen Do e-commerce platform.

4. Students Research

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Swinburne students are provided with global knowledge and skills to meet updated technology trends 4.0. In addition, Swinburne students can also connect with students throughout the school, lecturers, and world-class researchers through competitions and scientific conferences. Thenceforth, research groups unleash their creativity and fully exploit resources to bring benefits and improve the quality of research fields.

Typical topics that our students have been researching:

–   Developing influencer selection criteria for brand influencer marketing with Generation Z in the Vietnamese context.

–   Factors affecting consumers’ willingness of purchasing medications online – Proceedings of the third International Conference on Research in Management and Technovation.

–   Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Loyalty Behaviours: Evidence from Vietnamese Retailing Industry – Proceedings of the third International Conference on Research in Management and Technovation.

–   Intelligent Operations Center – IOC:

Intelligent Operations Center – IOC for smart cities in Vietnam. 

The IOC is considered the “digital brain” of localities with the ability to integrate data and existing systems with central control software, creating a panoramic view of the province and city across the country in all aspects.

Deploying smart cities to solve the problem of urban development management is considered one of the most optimal solutions. Information and communication technology solutions, specifically IOC, will help cities make the best use of limited resources and exploit their data information systems to change the way they operate and manage their products and promote creativity to better meet people’s needs. Thenceforward, research helps improve the efficiency of state management activities and the quality of public services; Stimulate economic growth and sustainable development at increasingly high levels.

5. International Contest

Swinburne Vietnam not only focuses on academic research, building solutions for economic and social science problems, but also promotes the creativity of Swinburne students through international competitions. Through these competitions, Swinburne students can interact and meet with leading experts in the fields, influential international leaders and students around the world.

We have been organizing annual competitions with ideas for building solutions related to business management issues, marketing and business solutions, application programming to support scientific health solutions. 

5.1. Swin Hackathon

Swin Hackathon 2023 Final Round

Swin Hackathon 2023 Final Round

Health Hackathon is an international programming competition organized by Swinburne Vietnam. This is an opportunity for talented and enthusiastic students to create practical technology solutions to better care for community health. One of the perks that Health Hackathon participants will be offered is the opportunity to meet, receive training, and receive guidance from leading experts in the field. Participants, coached by mentors and industry insiders, will be challenged to come up with ideas to build a digital tool or system to improve healthcare sectors.

Participating in providing professional comments and evaluating the competition teams were experts and researchers from universities and leading market research companies such as: Mr. Hoang Nam Tien – Chairman of FPT Education; Dr. Hoang Viet Ha – Managing Director of Swinburne Vietnam; Mr. Nguyen Trong An, MSc., MD – Deputy Director of the Center for Health Environmental Research and Development (CHERAD); Mr. Hong Hoang – Founder and CEO of CHANGE; Professor Anisetti ( – Italy; Professor Abdellah Chehri ( – Canada (Faculty of Applied Sciences); Professor Marcelo Albertini, Uberlandia University, Brazil; Professor Gwanggil Jeon, Incheon National University, South Korea.

The contest attracted 500 contestants from more than 10 countries: Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Australia, Greece, Russia, Canada, United States, Sri Lanka,… and the presence of more than 40 universities worldwide. The members contributed many topics and were highly appreciated by the team of experts for applying the topics into practice.

5.2. Swin-Biz-Rockstar

Swin-Biz-Rockstar 2023 Final Round

Swin-Biz-Rockstar 2023 Final Round

Swinburne Vietnam launches the Swin-Biz-Rockstar Business Idea Competition to encourage students to create breakthroughs in social impact and technology application. This competition aims to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and nurture the ability to start and manage new businesses for Swinburne students and external participants interested in business. The competition is designed to provide a platform for Swinburne students and participants to showcase their business ideas and thereby interact and receive mentoring and training from qualified and experienced entrepreneurs.

At Swin-Biz-Rockstar 2023, competitors could participate in one of the topics that are recent trends of startups in the business world. Proposed startup ideas should provide new solutions to address economic, social and environmental problems to achieve valuable social change, and the solutions should have social impact. sustainable, scalable and measurable. Additionally, proposed startup ideas include a new business model or a technology-enabled solution to deliver better, cheaper or faster results than traditional alternatives for customers in a business context.

Accompanying the Swin-Biz-Rockstar 2023 competition were investment experts and industry advisors from Swinburne Vietnam and internationally, with extensive experience and sharp perspectives. The advisory board included Mr. Hoang Nam Tien – Chairman of FPT Education, Vietnam; Dr. Hoang Viet Ha – Director of Swinburne Vietnam; Mr. Maarten Tak – Director of Causasui, Belgium; Mr. Bobby Liu – Touchstone Partners director – EIR; Dr. Gordon Campbell – Marketing Professor from Swinburne University of Technology Australia; Dr. Liz Elizabeth – Professor of creative business from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia; Dr. Hyeon Yeo – Professor of AI Business Transformation Program, KAIST, Korea; Mr. Masami Negishi – Director of Intage Vietnam.

5.3. Swin-Mark-Res

Swin-Mark-Res 2022

Swin-Mark-Res 2022

Swin-Mark-Res (Swinburne Vietnam Marketing Research Competition) aimed to nurture and enhance students’ marketing research capabilities. The competition focused on research that catalyzes innovative, impactful business and marketing solutions. It allowed students to conduct research to solve real-life marketing and business-related problems for companies, from which they gain both experience in market research and business analysis as well as Improve knowledge and business management capacity. The competition also provided students with valuable opportunities to interact with competent, experienced researchers from both academia and practice.

Swin-Mark-Res 2022 topics included: Research on customer insights to support companies in the Vietnamese context to overcome challenges in the Post-Covid-19 period; Research innovative marketing methods/solutions to support companies in the Vietnamese context in effectively pursuing sustainable development goals; Research customer experiences when using the Sen Do e-commerce platform to provide useful management suggestions for the company.

Participating in providing professional feedback and evaluating the competition teams were experts and researchers from universities and leading market research companies such as: Dr. Gordon Campbell – Professor of Marketing and Research. Partner Academic Director from Swinburne Australia; Mr. Masami Negishi – Director of Intage Vietnam (Japan’s leading marketing research company); Mr. Park Sung Jae – Sales Director of Panasonic Vietnam.