Interview with Mr. Jimmy Tan – Swin-Biz-Rockstar Contest Advisor from Singapore

Swin-Biz-Rockstar is a global business idea contest for business students. Not only attracted by the prize structure, the contest is also noticed by advisors who are professors at universities around the world. Below, we have an interview with Mr. Jimmy Tan – Advisor of the contest in the Singapore region. Let’s follow to his sharing about useful content for your submission!

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  1. What role does the media play for start-ups, sir?

The media, both digital and traditional are critical platforms for today’s startups to showcase their products and services. Successfully harnessing the twin powers of digital media through social networking sites, and engaging traditional media such as news and radio outlets, adds to the potential customer reach of the startup, and also gives it the much needed traction and credibility to attract early stage investors.

  1. In your opinion, what factors to evaluate a startup idea are good or bad? What are the key factors for turning a business idea into action, sir?

All ideas are generated by sparks of creativity, that in itself is a great thing, both for the originator of the idea, and also the Asian ecosystem of future entrepreneurs. The most critical step for startups is to embark on the creation of the minimum viable product. A good idea should be followed up by a good plan to create the product. After which the marketing of the product can then take place.

  1. What do you think about Swin-biz-rockstar – A technology application business idea contest for students of Swinburne Vietnam? What are the main reasons motivating you to agree to contribute to the contest as an advisor?

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The contest has a very purposeful mission to incubate and encourage young entrepreneurs, especially in Vietnam, where there is a huge talent pool of young adults, with massive economic growth potential. As an educator based in ASEAN, I would like to see more ASEAN businesses take flight, and it’s a personal pleasure to support and empower students in partnership with Swinburne Vietnam.

Thank you for being an advisor for Swin-Biz-Rockstar contest and for an interview with Swinburne Vietnam, hopefully Swin-Biz-Rockstar will bring students not only a playground but also a marvelous opportunity to fulfill their ambitions.

Currently, there are many teams from variety countries registered to participate in Swin-Biz-Rockstar. Find out more details about the contest and register at link.

Follow the fanpage and website of Swinburne Vietnam for more interesting information from this contest!

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