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Scholarship Scheme 2020

“Delighting the Future” Scholarship scheme

The winner of the scholarship is chosen not only based on academic results and achievements, but they are candidates who express a good spirit to take an opportunity to study in an advanced level.

We believe that your positive attitude is the key to the success, let alone the academic results.

The most important is the way you think you are. Showing your competencies by reflecting these questions: What is your passion? What opportunities can you take in the future? How to you do to achieve the objectivs and the goals? How do you overcome the challenges?

Be confident. Be future driven. Those attributes will decide your own vision of the future.

Who qualifies for the scholarships?

Candidates who qualify for the Scholarships are of following attributes:

  • You look forward to learning the knowledge, skills in an international and professional environment to improve your capabilities, hence you’re career-ready to
  • You desire to innovate, create and apply technology to improve work efficiency
  • You are eager to contribute your own values to society
  • You’re future-driven and nurture the spirit and ability to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
  • You have good academic results and English proficiency.

Why choose Swinburne Viet Nam?

  • Ranking number 45 in the 2019 Top 50 Under 50 list.
  • Global citizen program provided
  • Pioneering digital transformation in the Industry 4.0
  • Global job opportunities with high income
  • A wide range of scholarships provided

Scholarships scheme

Excited about moving here to study? We’re just as thrilled to welcome you. That’s why we’ve created scholarships just for international students. If you’re awarded one, you can focus less on finances, and more on learning and experiencing all that Swinburne has to offer.

This year, Swinburne offers a wide range from USD 4,000 to 8,000.


Email: swinburne@fe.edu.vn

Hotline: +840936489333

Mobil/Zalo/Whatsapp: 0939403555


Website: swin.edu.vn

Campus: 02 Dương Khuê, Cầu Giấy




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