Study support and resources

We offer study skills workshops, one-on-one advice sessions, support for students facing challenges, useful study materials and more.

Get help from other students

Sometimes it helps talking with a fellow student – they know what you’re going through. Improve your results in study groups, and by meeting with mentors and peers in the Swinburne community.

  • Study groups
  • Peer assistants
  • Mentors

Get help for your course mentor

Whether you would like advice on the units you are choosing, or you’re not sure if you’re in the course that’s right for you, we can help you with any questions you have about your course.

This advice is for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Other students can contact studentHQ for help.

Get enrolment and course structure advice

If you need help from someone with specialist knowledge on your course, you can book an appointment with a student support staff.

They can help you to:

  • choose the right units to enrol in to meet the requirements of your course
  • change your major or minor
  • plan your course structure so you finish your course on time.

Appointments are available for face to face meetings and over the phone. Higher Education students can also attend Course Advice sessions with a small group of other students during enrolment/re-enrolment and results release periods.

 Get tailored course advice

Our academic development advisers are available for one-on-one appointments and can give you advice on your particular situation. Come and chat to them if:

  • you’re not sure you’re in the right course
  • you can’t decide which units or major to choose, and would like advice on your options
  • you’re having trouble and want to get your study back on track
  • you want some tips on how to fit study into your life or improve your marks.

Student services and well being