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Global Citizen

Learning is a life-long journey. The ideal of classroom of tomorrow must prepare students for changes. Here at “The Australia”…

Information Technology

Our information technology courses take you on an exploration of the IT field. We provide the foundational knowledge and industry…


Our business courses take you on an exploration of the fast-moving and challenging business, financial and management fields. We encourage…

Media and Communication

We believe the digital age is rapidly transforming the way we communicate. For this reason, there’s never been a better…


Swinburne Beginners Dance Class

As a “fire” bringing artistic inspiration to Swinburne Vietnam students, this dance class a new playground for young and dynamic Swinburne Hip-hop lovers.

Change Makers Talk 7: Tlinh and her way to success

Tlinh – Talk’s 7 guest is a prominent female contestant at Rap Viet 2020 program currently grabs full attention of the Vietnam young generation who love Hip-hop