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Change Makers Talk 7: Tlinh and her way to success


Tlinh – Talk 7 ‘s guest is a prominent female contestant at Rap Viet 2020 program currently grabs full attention of the Vietnam Hip-hop lovers


As her inspiring story of chasing dream and success, Swinburne Vietnam has invited Tlinh to present at Change Maker’s Talks 7 to share about her ideal of “Change to Success”.  Let’s get to know more about her daily life.



Interviewer: Hi Tlinh! How do your life change after 4 months of joining Rap Viet program?


TLinh: Thank you for your question. Actually, I have not seen much change in my characteristics and musical style. However, I aware that after 4 months of participating in the program, I have acquired deeper, comprehensive knowledge and especially a more profound insight. Now I even feel “old” from inside out.

As I have shared that my parents are totally supportive of my artistic career path, however, they and believe it is only my hobby and short-term passion. Since I have achieved notable success in Rap Viet, I start gaining more credibility, trust, and wholehearted support from my family. Besides, getting more popular is a plus and a minus for me, when I always want to express my appreciation to all friends and fans but my time remains limited.



Interviewer: How did you start your “artistic career path”


TLinh: Couple of years ago, I had one year as a General Medical student at Vietnam National University mostly because I want to affirm my competency to parents. But since my second year, I realized that the Medical major doesn’t suit me and I believe I belong to the creative and artistic world. In the beginning, I have suffered so much pressure since lots of people think that I can’t make it, now it seems like a strong motivation to look back. 


Interviewer: What is your main motivation for entering Rap Viet contest? And may you share with us a bit about your emotion through each round?


TLinh: To be honest that I don’t think too much. At first, Rap Viet seems like a golden opportunity for me to test myself then I just grab it right away. Fortunately, I have passed the first round and being a part of Suboi team and in the second round, I met two amazing partners who are talented but very humble. Day by day, I feel grown-up and more confident compared to the first day I came to Rap Viet show.


Interviewer: Do “you have any future plan for your “artistic career path”?                                                                                                                                             


TLinh: Of course I do have one, but I believe that “Don’t count your chicken before they hatch”, then I should keep it as a secret.


Interviewer: Thank you so much for attending the interview!

Please follow the Swinburne Vietnam website for more information about Change Makers Talk 7 with the presence of TLinh.



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