Encourage tech application in study unit through the industry-link competition

In order to create opportunities for students to use technology in practice, the “Industry Link Competition 2022” exclusively for IT students, is organized in collaboration with DataStax – a US-based technology company.


Industry Link Competition 2022 is a competition organized by Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program, in collaboration with technology company DataStax, with the aim of encouraging students and lecturers to apply technology to each unit.


Joining Industry Link Competition 2022, students will be able to integrate Astra DB source code technology into the development of their ideas and products. This is an opportunity for students to come closer to practical businesses and demonstrate their ability to operate and implement ideas into reality.


Astra DB is known for its source code technology that optimizes the operation and saves the cost of a project. This source code is capable of removing major obstacles in the operation of major technology corporations in the world such as Netflix, Instagram, …


At the Final Round on December 5, 2022, 10 teams came up with unique and interesting ideas to help overcome difficulties in business operations.


As a mentor of the teams, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh, an IT lecturer shared that: “Although we prepared for only 1 month and had to do many projects of other units at the same time, the ideas of the teams were all very well-prepared, realistic and interesting. These are the solutions that should be developed in the future to overcome obstacles in the operation of many businesses.”


“5 brothers” team from Hanoi brought to the competition a remote control vehicle capable of geological reconnaissance in places inaccessible to humans. This idea is considered a technological solution to help geologists save costs and reduce risks during the implementation of their projects.


In addition, Industry Link Competition 2022 also attracts ideas to bring interesting experiences to users such as: Obstacle game from team Swin_Dee; Website order coffee to help optimize the operation of businesses from the Anthena team or the ebook search engine on platforms from the Debuggers team.


According to Nguyen Thanh Dat, representative of the “5 brothers” team, Astra DB source code technology makes the development and operation of the project simpler and faster. This source code reduces program runtimes from weeks to minutes and makes it easy for students to apply their knowledge to the implementation of new ideas.


At the end of the final round, “Industry Link Competition 2022” obtained the final result with the first prize for Team Swin_Dee in Da Nang, the second prize for Team Athena in HCMC and the third prize for the 2 man 1 cup team from Hanoi. . The contest will be a motivation for students and lecturers to develop the application of technology in learning and teaching.

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