Congratulations to our Inaugural Swinburne Graduates (K1)!

Congratulations to our first Inaugural Swinburne Graduates (K1). Wishing you great success in your future!

It’s time to celebrate your achievement and hard work. We are proud of you and looking forward to being with you at this precious moment!

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Graduation location, date and time

This first graduation ceremony will take place at the FPT Tower, 10 Pham Van Bach, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Time: 8:00 – 11:45 AM

Date: November 12, 2022

Access to the venue:

  • Please go to level B1 for car parking and access the Elevator at Column F09 or F12. Once you have successfully accessed the building via the parking lot, please come to the 1st Floor to check-in.
  • Please go to level B2 for motorbike parking and access the Elevator at Column F09. Once you have successfully accessed the building via the parking lot, please come to the 1st Floor to check-in.


Who will be with you?

For this special event, you will be companioned with your professors who walked you through this journey, your family and friends who helped and supported you to achieve this qualifications.

To invite your companions, please register before the ceremony (following StudentHQ’s instruction).

We will have special guests to share experiences and guide you on your journey beyond university.

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What will you do at the ceremony? 

The ceremony will happen following tradition:

  1. Graduates register and have their regalia fitted.
  2. Graduates take their seats in the ceremony hall.
  3. Guests take their seats in the ceremony hall or Plenary.
  4. The ceremony begins with an academic procession.
  5. The national anthem is sung.
  6. Graduates are presented on the stage.
  7. The ceremony concludes after about 3 hours.

Detailed agenda will be update later on website and facebook page.


What will you get at the ceremony?

Graduates can get a gift set at the venue. Detailed information and instructions will be updated later on website and facebook page.


What you need to prepare?

  1. Graduates need to be at the venue before 8:30 to get fitted.
  2. Parents and Guests need to be at the venue before 8:45.

There will be no access to the hall after designated time (above), so please be on time.

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Other graduation instructions will be sent to graduands via emails. Keep update for the latest instructions about graduation ceremony!

For more inquiries, please contact: 19006412

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