The 1st international conference on “Global Citizen Education” at Swinburne Vietnam

From 29th to 30th July 2022, the conference on the topic “Exploring Boundaries of Global Citizenship” is about to take place, with the attendance of expertise guest speakers, educators, international students at FPT tower, which is located at no 10 Pham Van Bach Street, Hanoi. 

Let’s look through the definition of the term “Global citizen” in the global setting

Global Citizen Education is important for all, especially young people to build up a solid foundation on knowledge, skills and labor values in an international working environment. 

According to Dr. Marisha McAuliffe – known as the Director of Student Support Head Quuarter at Swinburne Vietnam is the representatives of the organizing board of the conference EBGC. Since 2015, when the UNESCO first launched the definition on Global Citizen, there have been several changes made on the global scale. 

She said: “With the complexity of global environment, the world is opened unlimitedly, not just be closed in any cities and countries you are working at.  In Vietnam, even educators, young people working into Global Citizenship Competence programs have not fully understood about how global setting is being formed”.

Understanding this situation, the international conference “Exploring Boundaries of Global Citizenship” (EBGC) will be held, focused on the leading guidance role of universities on how students should be equipped & leverage skills to adapt with new challenges & tough requirements of the global future working environment ?”.

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Global Citizen education is the most attentive topic among experts, parents and international students

A forum where educators, strategic planners & international students connect, discuss to explore useful solutions. 

The conference will be held on 29th & 30th July, included but not limited at discussions, sharing sessions on perspectives, new research from expertise educators, academic researchers, planners who are working at Global Citizen Education programs.   

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Various experts and educators will present at the conference

The EBGC conference will be honored to welcome the representatives from both international organizations & national institutions namely UNESCO Vietnam, UN Women, World Bank, New Zealand Embassy, Australia Embassy, ANZ Bank, Ministry of Education and Training (MOE) as well as other international & local universities.

Besides, at the conference, we will welcome students whose concerns about personal development & adaption on global working environment. The free entrance will be provided for all students to have open discussions on their perspective. Especially, a discussion session will be operated by students studying at Swinburne Vietnam.     

The Scope of work of sessions will be about the updated definition of global citizens; the importance of Global citizen education; the existing issues on the training activities to tackle and provide best skills fpr students.

In addition, insights from students, parents will be provided objectively for experts, educators to consider about strengths & weakness of existing training programs on Global Citizen. From these, it is believed that future Global Citizen programs will be better versions, provide better qualities for students, others related. 

Beyond a common conference on Global Citizen Education, the EBGC program is led by key experts namely Mrs. Tredene Dobson – Ambassador at New Zealand Embassy in Vietnam, Dr. Andrew Kong – Pro Vice Chancellor & Chief Executive Vocational Education at Swinburne University of Technology, Mr. Kim Wilkins – Professor of Writing & Deputy Associate Dean of HASS Research at The University of Queensland, Mr. Ly Chan – Professor & ARC Future Fellow at Deakin University, Ms. Sophia Li – Regional director of Times Higher Education.

In term of topics, attendees will discuss on various topics, not limited on IT, adaption skills, culture exchanges, creativity, etc… to provide opinions, deep research on a global setting.  

Noted that: The registration link is opened from 6th May. We continue to receive questions from educators, experts, academic institutions working into Global Citizen Programs. 

We would be enthusiastic to see you at our conference. Do not hesitate & reach out our event here.

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