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Media Workshop: Skills to work at Vietnam Television

In Media Industry, working in a professional environment is a dream come true. Thus, Swinburne Vietnam brings students tips to achieve their dreams


Media industry and TV channels have been digitalized


Workshop’s main guest is VTV4 – Television serving as international broadcasters of Vietnam Television. Ms. Dao Thanh Ha – Head of VTV4 News department gives Swinburne Vietnam students an enthusiast talk about “Updated innovation trends in communication and requirements for students aiming to work at Vietnam Television”. This oriented knowledge especially values for students taking Media & Communication courses.


Ms. Dao Thanh Ha shares with students important tips

According to Ms. Ha, digitization currently evaluates a significant impact on communication channels. Previously, there are only a few broadcast channels as newspapers, word of mouth, radio, or television. However, audiences now can receive the most updated information from many sources as social media, websites, forums, and other digital platforms.

Traditional platforms are digitalized

“This is a challenge and also an opportunity for broadcasters. As a positive sight, traditional channels with professional reputation always affirm their credibility meanwhile the explosion of digitization brings much unreliable information to audiences. There is a plus there is a minus, we have to extend knowledge and catch up with the most updated innovation.” said Ms. Ha. Nowadays, it is easy to recognize the development of traditional television stations in digital platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube by daily scrolling news feed.


Requirements for students’ dream of working at Vietnam Television


According to the digitization and innovation of the Information Technology industry, Media’s recruitment process is also being undoubtedly influenced. Television with a high reputation as National Television is looking for young, dynamic, and knowledgeable enthusiasts who are always up-to-date with communication issues and digital platforms. For Media and Communication students, in addition to their expertise and proficients in foreign languages, it is important to focus on updating news trends and insights.


Ms. Ha also shares that one of the most crucial factors in evaluating candidates is professional ethics, especially for a professional environment. Media industry is believed to reinforce social and popular stereotypes, even to has an impact on public regulations. Therefore, to avoid a negative way of thinking leading to misconception in work, communicators must have kindly and professional manners.

Newbies will be well-trained to be knowledgable in digital media

As a Swinburne Australia alumnus, Ms. Dao Thanh Ha highly appreciates and be proud that Swinburne Vietnam students are very energetic, confident and creative. She believes that with the eagerness to learn, these students will have the potential to be the next generation leading Media & Communication industry.


Media faculty of Swinburne Vietnam is promising to educate a generation to be high-quality human resources. The last talk show with Ms. Dao Thanh Ha is one of the practical study sessions provided as an opportunity for students to exchange and enhance pieces of knowledge. Follow the Swinburne fan page for further information about Swinburne Vietnam’s faculties and student life.

Chau Anh


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