On March 22, Swinburne Vietnam organized a Marketing/Branding session with Guest Dr. Gordon CAMPBELL in Australia, with the moderation of Dr. Bich Hanh TRAN on the topic of Branding and the Branding case for Covid-19 Vaccine.


In this lecture, students learned the importance of branding, brand positioning and five brand personalities. Following Branding theories, Dr. Gordon Campbell raised a branding exercise for Covid-19 Vaccine which required students to apply brand personality aspect to a Covid-19 vaccine from the point of view of the people who need to be vaccinated. A remarkable point in Prof. Gordon’s lecture was the example on the methods Australian Government used to create a convincing vaccine brand, showing assurance and approval in all brand personality aspects such as using Government official website and using the right keywords and symbols.


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To wrap up the lecture, Dr. Bich Hanh TRAN addressed a team-work assignment for students, in which students suggest the type of brand personality and practices/tactics to develop Covid-19 vaccine campaign in Vietnam.

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