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Swinburne Beginners Dance Class


As a “fire” bringing artistic inspiration to Swinburne Vietnam students, this dance class a new playground for young and dynamic Swinburne Hip-hop lovers.


Swinburne Beginner Dance Class – A place for music and positive emotion


Since the 2020 autumn semester, Swinburne Beginners Dance Class is a basic Hip-hop dance program organized by Swinburne Vietnam. As to start a fresh term, this class is held to awaken artistic passion in students, give them the potential environment to make friends, a great opportunity for them to attempt new performance art and reveal self-hidden talent.

James Brown – a famous American singer, composer, and dancer shares: “The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing”. Swinburne Vietnam desires to develop both academic standing and healthy uni life with diverse extracurricular activities. Beginners Dance Class is expected to reduce the pressure from learning progress and spread out positive energy to students.


“The one thing that can solve most of our problem is dancing” –  James Brown


“This dance class is not only aimed to be an opportunity for students to experience new skills but also help students enrich their uni life” Miss Minh Ngoc – Student Life Officer at Swinburne Vietnam said.  Especially, there will be dance certificates of “Basic Hip-hop dance skills” for each participant and many lucky chances for students to join semi-professional and professional dance competitions.


Guidance by a Dance Master                                        


Beginners Dance Class is led by Mr.Nghiem Van Hai aka ZjZu. As a talented dancer who achieved several competition rewards and over 10 years of experience working in the artistic industry, he has contributed many choreography to TVC advertisements including Mocha, VNP, Vietlot, etc. In dance education, ZjZu is the founder of a well-known dance crew namely “Last Fire Crew” and other dance studios as Hanoi Dance Academy, No.6 Dance Studio. These centers currently grab plenty of attention from the young generation, especially Hip-hop lovers.

Mr. ZjZu is guiding students step by step

As an art lover, Mr. Hai not only desires to devote his best quality products but also wishes to inspire the youngsters who are passionate about music and dance. Being a part of Swinburne Vietnam Beginners Dance Class, ZjZu promises to develop the most appropriate teaching method that can help beginners to expose themselves through rhythms

With over 30 participants, this class will be taken place every Wednesday from 16:30-18:00 in the recreational room on the 7th floor. Students who missed the class can wait for the registration next semester. Let’s subscribe Swinburne360 fan page for the most updated information about the beginner’s dance class as well as other interesting activities of Swinburne Vietnam students’ life.

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