Internship Support

Swinburne Vietnam will support students in connecting with a network of business organizations during their internship. FPT Software Company (FSoft) is committed to welcoming Swinburne Vietnam students majoring in Information Technology for direct internships in various domestic and international projects of the company.

Information about the list of organizations/businesses seeking interns will be fully posted on the school’s website, student fan page, and notice board during mandatory internship periods in the course.

Students can either register for internships at the businesses listed in the announcement or approach the institutions that the university has assisted in registering with.

Similarly, a list of full-time and part-time job positions will be detailed and provided to all students so they can understand and choose the most suitable job for themselves.


Finding employment during your university studies aims to improve your job search skills and planning for your future career. You can start by contacting Swinburne Vietnam’s student support department.

Student HQ – Room 101, Floor 1, Swinburne Vietnam

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dao – Student Support Officer

Hotline: 0795 089 998


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