Study tours and Field trips

Swinburne’s highly regarded Study tours and Field trips offer students a competitive advantage for their future careers.

Depending on the student’s course, the training programs at Swinburne Vietnam provide a range of opportunities to gain invaluable skills and allow students to build confidence and accumulate important professional experience upon graduation. Experiential programs and business visits can also be included in your curriculum.

At Swinburne, our industry-linked projects enable you to tackle real-world challenges relevant to your future profession. All projects are guided by industry experts.

Benefits of participating in Swinburne’s Study tours and Field trips:

  • During company visits, engage in real-world industry experiences, including competitions, research projects, or internal business briefings.
  • Learn how to apply your knowledge to real-life projects.
  • Enhance your teamwork skills.
  • Develop creativity and problem-solving abilities as a student.
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