Student Exchange and Transfer

Overseas study tours

Swinburne Vietnam offers exciting short-term study tours led by experienced faculty members. These excursions allow students to travel to new countries, experience different cultures, and learn outside the classroom.

Benefits of Overseas Study Tours

Faculty-led international study tours offer students incredible learning experiences, travel opportunities, and the chance to earn corresponding credit points.

Other benefits include:

  • Students will have the opportunity to travel with a group of like-minded Swinburne students and make new friends along the way.
  • Educational excursions are guided by experienced Swinburne staff.
  • Through Swinburne’s partnerships, students will gain exclusive access to companies, industries, and communities worldwide.
  • Students have the chance to advance their studies to attain their degree and gain a broader perspective of the world in the process.

Student Exchange Experience Abroad at Swinburne Vietnam

Experience a semester abroad opportunity. Explore a new culture, live like a local, and make new friends.

Eligibility criteria

During their time at Swinburne Vietnam, students can enroll in an exchange program to Swinburne Australia or any of our partner institutions at any time without the need to complete any prior coursework at their current campus.


If students wish to transfer to other educational institutions or Swinburne University’s partner institutions, please contact StudentHQ for more detailed information, which is considered one of the most promising development points of the city.


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