Orientation Week

Orientation week is always the most eagerly awaited time for new students to start adapting to the completely new life of the university environment.

The purpose of orientation week:

Orientation week is the beginning of the academic journey. During these orientation sessions, students will be guided on completing enrollment paperwork, instructed on procedures, study methods, club participation, how to use student accounts and cards, study techniques, and how to find study materials at the learning centre. In addition, students will be assessed for their English proficiency to place them in the Global Citizen semester.

The content includes:

  • Attendance at the new academic year opening ceremony.
  • Completion of enrollment procedures.
  • Instructions on logging into the email system, Wi-Fi access, information (student email, password, and Wi-Fi access), guidance on accessing Swinburne’s learning system, and electronic library resources.
  • Introduction to academic regulations, the student handbook.
  • Introduction to student services.
  • Introduction to club activities.
  • Meeting, getting to know, and socializing with new students.
  • Team building and socializing programs.
  • Familiarization with facilities and physical infrastructure.
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Starting the learning journey