Student ID Card

A student ID card is a plastic card that can be used to register for transportation services or access the library. With a student ID card, you can receive discounts and benefits for students at some services.

Students can enjoy discounts on monthly bus passes, movie tickets, registering for student SIM services, etc. To avail of these benefits, students need to bring their card directly to the service provider.

To apply for a student ID card, please follow the instructions below:


Step 1. Take a Photo of Yourself

You will need to upload a passport-sized photo in (.jpg) format. Your photo must adhere to the following principles:

  • Photo size: 30×40 mm
  • Color photo (not black and white)
  • Taken against a plain and brightly colored background
  • Full-face photo
  • No shadows, underexposure, or overexposure.

We will send you an email if you need to submit a new photo.


Step 2. Request a Swinburne Vietnam Student ID Card

Once you have your photo in (.jpg) format, students need to complete the following:

Rename your photo file with your student ID number, for example: “SWH0001”

Submit the photo and information through this form.

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