Well-being Service

At Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program, students’ well-being is our priority as we firmly believe that their psychological, emotional, and social well-being lay the foundation for both academic performance and quality of life.

Aspects to cover

The PERMA Model of Well-being is an acronym for five key elements: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.



Positive emotions involve cultivating happiness, hope, interest, joy, love, compassion, pride, amusement and gratitude in everyday life.

Engagement refers to being fully absorbed and immersed in activities that bring a sense of flow.

Meaning refers to the need to have a sense of value and worth.

Relationships refer to feeling supported, loved, and valued by others.

Accomplishment is a result of working toward and reaching goals, mastering an endeavor, and having self-motivation to finish what you set out to do.


  • 1-1 counselling sessions;
  • a wide range of activities, workshops, seminars, fairs and sharing talks;
  • Events: Well-being Fair, R U OK? Week, field trips, etc.


  • Hanoi: R U OK? Hub, Level 3, No. 2 Duong Khue, Cau Giay District.
  • Da Nang: Well-being Room, Level 1, 2A Road 2 September 9, Hai Chau District.
  • HCMC: StudentHQ, Level 2, A35 Bach Dang, Tan Binh District.
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