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End of Orientation Week: Guideline for students to use the personal account on Canvas and Swinburne Vietnam’s regulation in learning


On 24th September 2020, Swinburne Vietnam’s newbies were carefully guided to use their accounts to look for further information about subjects, classes and also to practice and properly prepare to achieve the most delightful Uni life.


How to use Canvas system and student accounts effectively


To begin the workshop, Dr. Truong Cong Duan – Head of Academic Department of Swinburne Vietnam guides students to effectively use ID number, specifically to login Swinburne Australia’s account and access to educational information.


Dr. Truong Cong Duan guides students to effectively use ID number, specifically to login Swinburne Australia’s account 


By using Canvas, students can access their courses timetable, information about assessments , lecturers and classmates. Canvas will provide detailed documents students need to prepare for taking the course, the number of tests and how the course scores will be calculated.  


Dr Duan also repeatedly reminds and students to learn and understand exam-taking rules, especially to respect for copyright and academic integrity while doing assessments. Students are also advised to actively consult with teachers for deeper understanding throughout the learning process.


7 steps to write a subject report and notes on citing


To continue the workshop, Dr. Le Tien Dat – Lecturer in Business of Swinburne Vietnam guides students 7 steps to produce a report as required by Swinburne Australia. Accordingly, Dr.Dat gives new students detailed guidelines with specific evidence of how to write an academic report.


The seventh step as “Reference” is also noted as one of the most crucial factors in the grading process because a detailed and comprehensive citation shows respect and appreciation to the sources’ author


7 steps to write a subject report 


By given reference examples as journal articles, newspapers and academic sources with different styles of citation, new students can understand more about this step. The usage of Endnote to arrange and organize researched information in reports is also provided and directly practiced in the workshop.


Academic Integrity and the provisions of international curriculum subject report


The final part is also the most important part of the orientation, Dr. Hoang Viet Ha – Director of Swinburne Vietnam introduces new students the Swinburne Australia regulations for plagiarized reports. For accurate explanation, the report will be taken as plagiarism if the citation percentage of the academic papers is above the allowance.


According to Dr. Ha, students must get acquainted to learning regulations so that they will be able to successfully complete their study process in Swinburne Vietnam.


The Orientation week has ended on September 28th, Swinburne Vietnam students have officially entered the first semester. Let’s prepare yourself a great spirit and don’t forget what you have learned in the Orientation week.

Phuong Dang


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